Author: Adam.
Title: Letting Go
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: P/K
Series: 1/1
Warnings: M/M relationship. Major character death warning
Disclaimer: Tom, Harry and any Voyager character in this story belong to paramount.
Summary: Not Telling. It’ll spoil the story.

"It's no use. He's gone." The Doctor spoke in defeat. Tom Paris. Pilot of Voyager, friend to many, and lover to Harry Kim had died.

He’d been fighting the disease he’d been infected by for a month. One month of unbelievable pain. Tom had given up after the second week, for the pain was too much for him to bear.

Tom had lost 28 pounds. His hair had thinned, and his eyes turned into a deathly, colourless grey to match his complexion.

Harry couldn’t do it. Tom had asked him... told him to tell the Doctor it was time to let him go. But Harry never told the Doctor. He couldn’t lose Tom.

He was his other half. Without Tom he was no longer complete.

"Noooooooooooo!" Harry screamed. Ten minutes later, Harry was sat at Tom’s side.

"Come on Tom," Harry began speaking to Tom, as if his death had nothappened. Toms skin was already cooling down, and growing paler by the second.

"Ensign Kim..." For the first time since his activation, the Doctor did not know what to say. The pilot was not just another patient to him. He had become his friend. They worked together and had become close.

The Captain had entered as Harry screamed out. She had been standing at the Sickbay doors, giving Harry some time.

"Come on Tom, wake up sleepy head." Harry gently shook Tom. He’d always had to do this. Right from the time they had begun sleeping together. His Tom was not a morning person.

"Harry," Captain Janeway moved towards Harry her eyes filled with unshed tears.

"Why isn’t he waking up?" Harry looked up at the Captain. His brown eyes big and round like a puppy. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

Janeway’s stomach lurched. 'He doesn’t even know he’s dead'

"Harry." She began again. "Tom won’t be waking up."

Harry turned back towards Tom, his fingers gently running through Toms hair like he always did.

"Don’t be silly Captain," Harry began, speaking like a child. "He’s just asleep. Tommy always likes to stay asleep as long as he can."

"Harry." Janeway tried again. "He won’t be waking up. He’s gone Harry. Look at him. Touch him. He’s cold."

Tears began to form in Harry’s eyes. He looked back at his lover. Felt his cheek. Then, bent down and kissed Tom’s cold, dry lips. It would be the last time.Those blue eyes, which could show so much pain, yet so much love, were now closed. Never to open again.

The Tom who defended him, at the Ferengi bar. The Tom who had claimed him and defended him, in the Akiteran prison. His Tom who would snuggle down with him at night, and be still there, cuddled up with him in the morning, was now gone forever.

Tears flowed from Harry’s eyes on to Tom decaying body, as their lips separated.

The Captain was there for him. She held him as he wept, as she wept with him over the death of her pilot, and her friend.

The End