Author: Adam
E-mail: adam_brittboy@yahoo.co.uk
Pairing: PK
Rating: PG
Series: 1/1-possibly two or more.
Warnings: None i can think of so far.
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount and i
am using them solely for fun!
Archiving: Pkelite, TPD.
Summary: Ancient times, a better class of people. A
different way of living.

Authors notes: Hey guys. In this story several points
i wanna mention. I have said god-himself, which of
course i don't believe. If there is a god i would not
assign the deity to a he or she, but 'he' in this
instance fit for me! Also some names may be tacky but
it's harder to do than it looks.

Hope you enjoy!

This is totally unbeta'd. Mainly because i'm a totally
lazy english guy at the moment :) So what you read is
what came out of my head, no corrections or re-writes.

Once long ago there lived a young prince by the name
of Thomas. He was a beautiful man, unwed at the then,
ripe old age of 23. The sweet, if slightly dim blond
was wanted by both men and women throughout the land
of 'Trekadithia' But alas, no man or woman was able to
hold the happy youth for more than a few days before
he moved on, to newer things.

Little did innocent, yet dim Thomas know that across
the great river, in a neighbouring land lived a mean,
sadicious young lady by the name of Bella. She was
beautiful, yes. Smart, talented in the arts, and
sciences. Yet what she wanted had not yet come to her.

Power. Plain and simple. The beautiful brunette needed
someone she could use for status. Use to her
advantage. She needed someone good enough for a young
lady in her position, but not too bright. The perfect
match fell, literally right into her lap just a few
days later.

"Oops, I-I'm sorry." Said a nervous Tom, embarrassed
at falling right into a lady's lap, tripping over his
own two feet.

"You stupid imbecile. Were you brought up this clumsey
or are," She stopped abrubtly, finally noticing the
symbols carefully sewn into the mans cloak. He was

Bella's mind began to work overtime. He was obviously
not too smart. Clumsey was not what she wanted, but
beggars certainly could not be choosers. Heaving a
silent sigh she turned her angry, almost snarling face
into a smile.

"That's quite alright, Sir. I am the Princess Bella
Toras." She did her well-used curtsey, showing as much
cleavage as was possible in the current position.

"Oh, forgive me. I am Thomas. Prince Thomas Paris." He
bowed to Bella, his red face meant for his stupidity,
but what Bella took as a good sign. Her cleavage trick
never failed.


"If you'll excuse me." Tom said before moving to

"Leaving so soon, my Prince?" Bella flirted.

"I-I fear I must go. My father awaits!" Tom said,
pointing to an old man, late in his years with a mane
of white hair and stunning blue eyes.

"Of course sir, but I must insist you dance with me at
some point tonight!" She said sweetly, yet her voice
was backed up with a force not expected from a lady.

"Of-course." Tom said, mirroring Bellas previous

Tom wiped the would-be sweat from his brow, hoping to
leave the party soon. He knew he wasn't the smartest
man among his people, but he could read peoples
intentions. His gut was telling him to stay away from
that woman, but other parts of his body, the ones that
usually won were telling him to stay.

"Ah, Thomas." His father's voice, strong despite his
age came crashing through his thoughts.

Tom looked up to his father and noticed a young man by
his side.

"I'd like you to meet Prince." Not letting his father
finish Tom moved forward and kissed the hand of the
man beside his father. He truly was the epitah of
beauty. Jet black hair that fell, softly down his
well-muscled back. His face seemed to be chisled by
God himself. He lips looked soft enough to sink in,
and his eyes deep enough to drown in. The beauty of
the man before him was natural. Perfect.

"What are you doing?" King Owen growled, kicking the
young, beautiful man out of the way.

"But.you said." Tom muttered, looking at the fallen
man. The hurt scared fallen man.

"This is merely our server for the night! The Prince,"
Owen continued, still looking in disgust at the young
man getting up off the floor. "Is the man over there."
Owen nodded his head to a man older in years than
himself. Dark hair, unusually short. His face was
adorned with strange pictures, enhancing his beauty.
His eyes seemed knowledgeable, and wise. His body was
large, much larger than his own. He simply oozed
power, strength and.money.

"It's the soon-to-be King James Chakotay."

"Chakotay?" Thomas asked, his eyes furrowed in
confusion at the strange name.

"Yes." Owen sighed; he himself a little irritated at
the native name the man held. "Apparently his family
began as.farmers, and wanted to keep the name from
their heritage."

Thomas knew his father dispised those not like
himself. New money was not any better, but new royalty
was the lowest of the low according to his father.

"But they are now the strongest, wealthiest kingdoms
in our small isle and that means we need to make an
alliance. It is rumoured the soon-to-be-king craves
young men. Has been noted on several occasions to make
inspections of his troops. Taking away tens at a time
for...'special' work."

Thomas heard the real implications of his father's
words, and gulped when the lustful eyes landed on him.
Even from across the room the almost-kings gaze burned
brightly into his own, suddenly much inferior eyes.

His mind suddenly went back to the man by his side
once more. Now back from the floor, but still staring
down at it.

To Be Continued