Title:(Don't) Always Judge on Appearances
Author: Adam
E-mail: adam_brittboy@yahoo.co.uk
Pairing: PK
Rating: R
Series: 1/?
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Voyager
Warnings: A few bits of strong language.
Summary: It's an Au story, Harry the 'as-ever'
innocent guy, with Tom as his.'white-knight'? Or is

Authors Notes: This story is unbeta'd. If you don't
like reading stories like this leave it until it is up
at the site, okay? Hope you enjoy...

//I can't believe I'm lost!// Harry Kim thought in
disbelief. It was the first time his father had let
him drive the truck back from town by himself and he
got lost. He'd watched his father drive this same road
a thousand times and now, this time he'd lost track of
where he was going.

He knew the real reason he'd been day-dreaming whilst
driving. He wanted someone, a connection. Someone to
share himself with. Spend some time.

He needed a mate-as his friend, Sammy would joke with

He dreamed of a 'man' who would be with him, who he
could have all to himself. Someone he didn't have to
share with his older brothers, as usual. He wanted
someone he could snuggle up with. Who'd make him
laugh, lust and love.

That was a dream though, a dream in a world where
dreams seldom come true.

Focussing back on the road he looked in time to see a
figure in the distance.

//A hitchhiker on this dirt-road?// Harry thought,

He slowed down the worn-out, rusty old truck to a stop
by the man, leaning over the passenger side to speak
to the figure.

"Need a lift?" This was surprising in itself to Harry.
He never invited people into his father's truck, let
alone strangers along the side of the road.

"Thanks, man." A deep, chilled voice replied.

//Calm down Harry. Remember what we talked
about..About not getting excited at every deep-male
voice you come across!" Harry thought to himself in an
effort to keep calm.

The guy sat beside Harry, now lit up by the light
inside the truck. He was a lean guy, but well built.
Tall, but not too much. A nice, sandy blond/red hair
and his face was unshaven for at least a few days.

"Where too?" Harry asked, realising the stranger could
be going in an entirely different direction.

"Just take me as far as you go, and I'll get out
their." The stranger said, his tone calm throughout as
he looked out into the darkness.

"Do you have somewhere to stay?" Harry let the words
tumble out of his mouth before he realised it.

//That doesn't sound like an invitation or anything
does it Harry?!// A voice in his head screamed

"Well no. Sometimes I stay in motels. Usually though I
just camp out." The stranger answered, turning to look
into Harry's eyes.

Harry almost gasped at the sad expression in the man's
beautiful blue eyes. They held so much pain, so much
experience and too much despair for a man of his age.
He couldn't have been more than 26 but what was held
within those blue orbs you wouldn't expect to see in a
man at the end of life.

Though all too soon the cerulean gems were taken away
from him, the man turning away gazing back out onto
the dusty road.

No more words were spoken as Harry started the old
truck back up, only to fall back in his seat with a
sigh as the engine made the almost daily sound of
needing some attention.

"I'm sorry, this'll just take a minute, okay?" Harry
asked, not really expecting an answer.

"Need some help?"

A smile lit Harry's face as he looked back at the
stranger. "That would be great, thanks!"

They lifted the corroded piece of metal from the car
to see the rattling engine block.

//Yep.// Harry thought, another sigh, louder this
time, escaping his lips.

"You know," The deep voice of 'what had become his
dreams' rang through Harry's head. "If you keep
sighing like that your face will stay that way!"

It was the first time Harry had seen the stranger
smile, and it was worth the wait as far as he was
concerned. It lit up his entire face, and it was
something he wanted to see again, over and over for as
long as he could.

In such a short time, only minutes to be exact Harry
had fallen for the mysterious stranger.

"There, now stay like that." The deep voice once more
echoed through Harry's head. He was smiling now,
mirroring that of the stranger.

"Harry." He introduced himself to the man, holding out
his hand.

"I'm Thomas. Most of my friends call me Tom, 'but you'
can call me Tommy." Tom said, a voice now full of lust
spoke to Harry.

"Well in that case," Harry began to respond, shocked
out how steady his voice sounded. "You can call me."

"Har." Tom interrupted. "I'll call you Har!" He said,
another smile staring back at him.

Harry was flustered now, his face a flame. He had
backed up against one side of the truck as they talked
and Tom had been moving progressively closer.

It only took a moment before they were both in an
aggressive kiss. It was an inexperienced, rough, lust
-filled kiss that could only end in embarrassment, sex
or tears. Though this one was an exception.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Tom Paris screamed at
the frightened young man.

Harry was confused. It was he that had backed away and
Tom who had been forceful. What had he done? His
father always told him it was his fault when things
went wrong. Maybe this was his fault as well?

"I-I'm sorry, Tommy."

//Uh-Oh. Big mistake.// Harry quickly thought before
getting a swift right fist across his perfect face.

"Don't ever fucking call me that! You think you can
take me? Think I'm your slut, do you?!" Tom screamed
into Harry's face, kneeling on the ground by him.

"Tom, Tom.I'm sorry. Please."

Maybe it was the pleading in his voice that did it.or
maybe it was the way Harry's eye's held the fear he
had so many times held.

"Oh god, Harry. I'm sorry." Tom moved over Harry,
cupping the bruised face in his hands. He moved down
and kissed it gently, then stroking it as he looked
into the scared brown eyes.

Tom stood and moved back, shaking his head in sadness.
I'll leave now. I'm so sorry, Harry."

Harry was afraid, he had no doubt that it may happen
again. But it was like a moth to a flame. He wanted
Tom to stay. Jumping up, he firmly, but softly grabbed
Tom's shoulder. "Stay, Tom." Harry begged. "I want you
to stay."

To Be Continued...

So, why did Tom act like that? What is he doing in the
middle of nowhere? What is Harry's problem with his
family? How will his parents react to Tom? How will
his brothers react?