Title: Ill Will
Author: adam
Pairing: PK
Rating: R
Series 2/?
Disclaimer: Tom, Harry and everyone else belong to Voyager
Wanrings: A tiny bit of strong language and adult themes.
Archive: Pkelite, Tom Paris Dorm and anyone else ask, pwease!
Dedication: I decided to dedicate this to Jera as it's
her birthday. It may not be bright and happy but it's
for you!

Tom looked at the door Harry had just exited

//He's been acting weird recently. I mean, sure he's
feeling left out, but I'm getting married. I can't
spend all my time with him.//

//He was the first to believe in you!// A second voice

//So I should stay alone forever to repay some kind of
debt?// The first voice argued.

Tom's internal battle continued, becoming increasingly
worried for his best friend of four years.

Deciding it best to talk to his friend he made his
apologies and quickly left. Asking the computer where
Harry was, sighing in relief that he was in his

//At least we can talk in private.//

Just minutes later Tom was stood outside Harry's door
his fist pounding on it. He'd tried the comm several
times and, upon receiving no answer he proceeded to
buckle the bulk heads with his fists.

"Harry, open this fucking door now before I do
something I'll regret." Tom ground out.

The door suddenly opened and as Tom was leaning
slightly against the door he fell into Harry, and was
roughly pushed away.

"Can I help you, Tom? Or do I have to get Titanium
plated doors?!" Harry asked in an even voice, though
the sarcasm was thick.

"What the hell is your problem? I'm getting married.
You should be happy for me. Jesus, Har.you're my best
friend!" Tom argued the hurt and pain showing in his

Harry turned away, his face showing boredom but inside
he was a coiled spring, just ready to burst with pent
up rage, passion and love.

He needed to express his feelings but didn't know how.
They'd been repressed so long he no longer knew how to

"Just tell me what's wrong Harry." Tom begged.

"What's wrong? You want to know what's wrong do you?"
His voice showing hostility. "Well I'll tell you."
With that Harry turned towards the sofa where the
package he had thrown down earlier was still laid.

It was small and rectangular covered in some kind of
blue silk.

Tom looked on nervously at Harry's movements, a bead
of sweat forming on his brow at the look on Harry's
face when he turned towards him, the small package in
his hand.

Harry's look was one of mixed emotions. He looked
hesitant, needy, but at the same time prepared, angry,
vengeful. Tom took as a step back as Harry took one

Then again.

"You know what I was thinking, Har? We should spend
some more time together.I've been kinda neglecting
you. What's say we spend tomorrow night in the
'Captain Proton' program?"

Harry's eye's lit up with lust at Tom's words, which
Tom noticed. //Tom in leather that tightens in all the
right places.// He thought. //So I can be his faithful
lapdog. The sidekick?//

The lust was soon doused out with the flames of rage,
his obsidian eyes going to an almost black in colour.

"Maybe tomorrow, Tom. Right now I want to play with
this." He lifted the package slightly; indicating it
was 'said' package that he was talking about.

"S-Sure Har. What is it?"


To Be Continued...