Titles: Ill Will
Author: adam
Pairing: PK
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount.
Warnings: Some strong language.
Archive: Anyone, just ask.

Tom, I want you. Look at you standing their pretending
you don't notice my longing stares, flirting with that
bitch. She can't give you what I can Tom.

She doesn't know what you need.

I do Tom, just give me a chance.

Harry Kim thought all of this as he sat in a darkened
corner of the re-designed Sandrines bar. His
friendship with Tom had grown over the years into
lust, then from lust to longing and that longing had
finally transcended into the painful love he was
feeling right now.

As he ate there was Tom. Slept, Tom. Worked, Tom. His
every waking and sleeping moment was done with Tom at
the for front.

"Hey Har, come over here!" Tom yelled, his arm placed
firmly around his fiance.

file://Yeah right. For what? So you can rub my nose in how
happy you are. Show me what I can't have even though I
deserve it. Know that we *ARE* meant to be. Not you
and that slut!//

"No thanks Tom. I have to get back to work." I tell
him, hoping he can see through my lie, but his
attention is already back on his beloved.

file://Sex. That's all it is. He's thinking with his cock
plain and simple.//

I walk out of Sandrines heading to Tom's quarters,
leaving, what I hope is a confused and worried Tom

I enter his darkened quarters feeling my senses come
alive with Tom's scent. They usually go to her
quarters to spend their time. His quarters are still
pure. Still perfect.

I leave his sweet-smelling quarters only minutes
later, a small package bundled under my arm.

"Ensign." One of the many crewman says, giving me a
nod. Like I care about that worthless life.

I care about my life. I care about Toms and screw
everyone else.

I finally reach my quarters and set the package down
on the sofa, falling down beside it.

"He's gonna be mine. He's gonna be mine. He's gonna be
mine." I say over and over again. I know he's going to
be mine, it's just a matter of time. Tom loves me. I
just have to make him see that.

To Be Continued...