Title: I Trusted You
Author: Adam
Pairing: PK
Rating: PG
Series: 1/1
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount.
Warnings: None.

Beta'd-ish. Still hope you like it guys.

Lovies, Adam.


"Don't look at me like that, Harry. You made your
choice when you slept with that..." Tom couldn't even
say it. He was disgusted, confused, hurt...in pain.


"It won't work Harry." Tom said. Looking once again at
Harry's puppy dog eyes.

It usually worked, but not this time.

He was packing as he spoke; moving out of their shared
quarters they had been in for over two years.

So much had happened.

They'd gone through pain. Lost people that they both
loved and needed, which, through the immense painb,
brought them even closer together. But all of that
effort was time wasted.

Trashed, after Harry decided to go off and sleep with
Seven because he hadn't gotten any in a few days.

//My heart bleeds.// Tom thought in disgust.

"What will you do Harry?" Tom asked, his voice turning
sweet and loving.

Harry's eyebrow raised in confusion at the question.

"What will you do, Harry? To keep me? Make me stay!"

"Anything, Tom. Please!" Harry begged, dropping from
where he sat, falling to his knees beside Tom.

"Will you promise never to cheat again?" Tom asked,
the care and worry clearly faked.

"Yes Tom, I promise. Never! I don't know what I was
thinking, please?!" Harry continued to bed, pulling on
Tom's trouser legs now. The desperation he was feeling
at the situation outcome, blatantly obvious.

"Will you care for me, and love me like I deserve to
be loved?" Tom questioned.

"Always Tom. You're all I have. I love you."

Tom paused a moment, as if...considering?

His face went sullen at this point. Showing the pain
and hurt Harry had caused.

Bending down, Tom moved so close to Harry there noses


"T-Tom." Harry stuttered, knowing this was it.

"You're not good enough for me." Tom laughed out. The
trademark smirk appearing now.

Picking up his bag, he bent down again, his lips so
soft and gentle, brushing against the sobbing mans

The word he whispered devastating the young man.
'SLUT' Tom had whispered, before putting on that
trademark cocky grin and walking away. Asking himself
'I wonder if Chakotay needs a bunkmate' on his way

Harry wept that night. Going over in his mind what Tom
had said, what had happened. Trying to come up with a
reason why he'd slept with Seven. But no answers came.

He was bored.

That was the truth both he and Tom knew.

Tom had been away a few days, and the active sex life
he had was suddenly cut off. He needed release, Seven

It was over now.

His life.

His love was gone...gone to someone who would treat
him better. Someone who deserved him, and would love
him like he deserved to be loved.

Chakotay had him now.

The End