Author: Adam.
Title: Inexperience( leads to all kinds of things!)
Rating: PG
Pairing: P/K
Warnings: This story involves m/m scenes.
Disclaimer: The characters of Tom Paris, Harry Kim, Captain Janeway, and Chakotay belong to Paramount.
Summary: Harry is on his first assignment, and Tom is not with him. On his first day he is late, and is surprised that the Captain does not reprimand him. Did I mention we are in the early 1800's? and Harry’s first assignment is the ship the HMS Venture? No, well, I have now.

Part One

"Yesssssssssss!" Harry screamed into the decaying streets of Dover.

*Finally, it had finally happened* Harry spoke to himself as he walked with a bounce in his step. Harry had got the position. 'Midshipman of the Venture. A cream of the crop assignment. Especially for a junior officer on his first journey.

Feeling like celebrating, Harry walked a little longer until he reached a Tavern, 'Mandrines'. A less-than respectable establishment, especially for a Midshipman, (Harry grinned to himself at that thought).

He entered the Tavern, and it was packed full of men laughing and drinking and fighting. He wasn't expecting to have more than one drink, but a few of the men at the bar challenged him to a drinking contest. Harry could never say no to challenge, and so drank seven shots of whisky, which was enough to put Harry under the table for the rest of the night. Also, never being able to hold his drink.

The next morning was the day his ship, 'The Venture' set sail, and Harry woke up in a shot.

"Wha? .....Where? ...What am I doing here?"

A small woman, with dirty blond hair scuttled over, and offered her hand to the young and very exotic man.

"Your ship," Pointing out of one of the windows across a large street, "Is there."

Harry sighed in relief...."Looks like it is about to set sail."

"WHAT?" Harry screamed, louder than the night before when he had received his commission. Giving not another thought to the kind women that had helped him up, Harry bolted for the door and shot down the street.

Practically diving on to The Venture, face flushed with exhaustion, and hair falling into his eyes, Harry once again set off running to report to the Captain.

After being told to wait outside until called for, Harry was finally told to come in.

"Midshipman Harry Kim reporting as ordered Captain." The Captain stood, and walked all the way around Harry as if expecting him.

"Why did you not report earlier Midshipman Kim?"

"I.... I, I am very sorry Captain, I have no excuse." The Captain smiled.

"There's hope for you yet Mr Kim. I like an officer who is not afraid to tell the truth. You are...Asian?"

"No." Harry stuttered. "I am Korean."

"Aghh. What made you want to become a sailor?"

*This is unusual* Harry thought. He wasn't expecting personal information. Just a reprimand for being late.

"I hope you don't have a problem serving under a women?" A women? Harry had being too panicked to even notice.

"As, if you do, you should leave now."

"No...ehh," Harry didn't know what to say. "Ma'am" the Captain grinned again, in play humour.

"Mr Kim. At ease before you sprain something. Ma'am is all right in a crunch, but I prefer Captain."

"Yes.. Captain." Another smile from her. *She does like you Kim* Harry said to himself.

"Dismissed." With a salute from Harry, he turned around and went to his quarters.

His three uniforms had being put in his small room. He had one set of clothes that were for his off duty time. But they were old, and too tight to wear with any comfort. He had being so excited about his commission, that he had left his favourite book behind.

They left port with the Captain on deck with her fellow officers, looking out to sea.

One month later and they had not yet found anything. They were expecting land by now. There had being reports and vague maps that showed land around this area, but the Captain was becoming nervous. They were now in an area, close to no-land, and in the spot that seven other ship's and Frigates had being captured by Pirates. The most notable, Pirate Paris.

Not two days after the Captain, and several of her officers had this thought, than they had spotted a ship in the distance. Bearing the dreaded Pirate Flag.

The Captain, being a women that never ran from danger, ordered full sail towards the Pirate ship.

"Mr Kim, the battle should begin any minute, make sure all of the cannons are prepared, and the crew are prepared to fight."

"Eye Captain"

Minutes Later


"Captain. I advise that we retreat. The ship cannot take much more of this."

"We will not RETREAT! Continue firing!"

"Eye Captain." Harry was as nervous as hell. Suddenly brought from his worries, a rope was tied from the Venture to the Pirate ship. Seconds after noticing this the Captains crisp voice shouted across the ship.

"We are being boarded, prepare to fight." Harry could not move. His legs had turned to stone, and he was frozen.

The Pirate Ship

From the Pirate ship, the notorious villain, Captain Thomas Paris noticed the most exotic man he had ever seen. He was stood not doing anything.

Tom could tell from just looking at the kids’ face that he was very young, and very inexperienced. *Hell* Tom thought to himself, It's probably his first assignment. He laughed to himself, but couldn’t help feel sorry for him.

As the ships were pulled together with the ropes, Tom got a clear view of the young mans features. He was Asian...*NO! * Tom berated himself, not Asian, *Korean*

The most beautiful brown eyes that you could lose yourself in. Thick, lush black hair, some of which that had fallen down in his eyes, which made him look even younger. Stopping himself from going into further details, he swung himself over to the* Venture? *

Tom thought to himself. *A new ship, Tom had not yet heard of. He would have to get his sources dealt with.

He swung himself directly in front of the baby-faced officer. Knowing his disgusting, murderous crew would either kill this precious jewel, or take him for themselves.

Grabbing Harry around the waist, he wrapped his hand tighter around the rope, and, feeling the weight of the young man, he knew he couldn't take him over along with his own weight, so, whispering into Harry’s ear, he said, "Grab on to this rope." Then, without thinking, just acting on instinct and adrenaline, sucked on Harry's ear, and felt Harry's knees go weak.

"Easy kid" Tom whispered. *God, * Tom thought, *This kid is so pure and untouched. *We're going to have a lot of fun*

"Let's get to safety first!" Not even realising what he was doing, Harry grabbed on to the rope, and pushed himself further into this warm body, that felt so good to touch, and made him feel so, so safe.

Over on the upper deck, the Captain saw her young Midshipman being.... What is that No struggle? To busy to give it anymore thought, the Captain pulled her sword, and began to fight along with her crew.

In under an hour, the battle was over. Captain Janeway and her crew had finally given up. The overwhelming amount of men on the opposition had being too much even for a Captain with as many battles under her belt as her.

All her crew had being put on the Pirate ship in the prison cells. A skeleton crew of the Pirates went over to the Venture to sail that along with Captain Paris's ship.

The Prison Cells

In the cells only twenty- minute’s, and Captain Janeway was already planning an escape. Interrupting her train of thought, was her first officer.

"Captain. What about Mr Kim?" The Captains face went into a snarl.

"Mr Kim is a traitor, and a coward. He put up no fight against any of the Pirates, and deserves everything that villain Paris gives to him. Which, given his reputation, will not be pretty."

"Oh, I see."

"Now, where was I...."

The Captains Quarters

"Captain." A dirty looking man, at least thirty five years of age, barged into Toms quarters.

"What do you want?" Tom hissed at the interruption.

"Captain. The Ventures crew has being put in the cells."

"AND?" Tom was furious. Being interrupted was one thing, but told about something he already knew and didn't really care about was pushing his patience.

"And Captain, I came to put him there as well." Pointing over at Harry, who was sat on the edge of Tom's bed shivering with fear.

"He is not going to the cells. Now, LEAVE!" Looking confused, the dirty pirate turned around and left.

Tom turned to Harry, and gently rubbed his hand across Harry’s soft, soft skin.

"I am not going to hurt you. What is your name?" He saw the young man shivering, and felt an unexpected pain in his stomach knowing that the beautiful and exotic young man was afraid of him. Not expecting an answer, he was surprised to hear the nervous boy speak.

"Harry. n..ame's Harr..y" Harry stuttered as he spoke.

"Easy kid, easy." Tom tried to reassure him. Carefully caressing the slender bronzed hands of this delicious young man.

"Wh....what are you to do" Harry's voice turned into a whisper, which Tom had to strain to hear. Harry began again.

"What are you going to do to me?" Tom's expression turned from sad, to confused.

"I am not going to do anything to you. You are completely safe here. You can join your crewmates if you wish. But, I wouldn't do that."

Before Tom could finish, Harry interrupted a little calmer now, after having that reassurance.

"Cause they think I’m a traitor. Probably right!" Feeling a burst of anger, Tom shouted.

"No! No...Harry." Just remembering his name. "I captured you. You were too scared to act."

"I'm a coward!" Harry said to himself in self-disgust.

This was not what Tom had wanted. He wanted to bring this young man over, out of an act of kindness, and because as soon as he saw Harry, he began to have feelings he never knew he had. And, that is not what a Captain who had a reputation to uphold was aloud to feel. But every time he looked at the young man, his heart melted. To begin to feel things for this young attractive young man.

"Listen to me Harry. I captured you and that’s, that. Now, let me look at this." Putting a damp cloth just beneath Harry's left ear and gave a quick warning before he pressed it down.

"This is gonna sting a little baby."

*Baby? Baby? Where the hell did baby come from Paris, you stupid idiot. You've probably scared the kid to death now. But, when he looked into those warm brown eyes, he saw nothing but gratitude, and could that be? No, don't go there Paris" He shouted to himself. Pressing the cloth against the cut, Harry's face screwed up in the slight pain.

"I'm sorry baby. I'm so sorry. Are you alright?" Suddenly grinning at the realisation of the power he had over this notorious Pirate, he moved forward, and pressed his ready lips against that slightly open mouth.

Shocked a little, Tom pushed himself into the kiss, feeling the softness and warmth of those lips.

Gasping as Harry pinched his nipples, through his thin loose shirt, was all the opportunity Harry needed as he pushed his tongue inside that waiting mouth. Harry groaned at the wet heat, and sweetness of that mouth was all the opportunity Tom needed. Their positions were quickly reversed when this happened and Tom pushed his tongue inside Harry’s mouth.

Pulling away a second from that hot mouth Tom began to speak.

"We can't do this Harry. I feel like I am taking advantage of you." Harry couldn't be denied. Not now, that he had maybe found the one person that made him feel the most intense pleasure of his young life. Not now, after he had being given a taster of what could be! He needed Tom. NOW!

"Please..." Harry realised he didn't know his name. Of course he knew it was Paris, but Paris what?

"Tom." Tom grinned. "Tom Paris."

"Tom. Please. You aren't taking advantage. Please. I want to. Please!" Tom began to laugh at the desperation in Harry's voice, but instantly stopped at seeing the hurt look on Harry’s face.

"Oh, no. No baby. I'm not laughing at you." Thinking he needed to do something to reassure Harry now, he leaned in and gave the most loving, soft, and careful kiss he knew how. But that sweet kiss was not what Harry wanted, as he once again forced his tongue between Tom's lips, this time demanding what he wanted. What he needed. The kiss continued until they were both breathless.

Part Two

Tom slowly moved towards Harry with the simple intent of a kiss. But his mind quickly changed when he saw Harry's wide chestnut eyes staring at him intently.

"Harry, I am not going to take advantage of you. You know that don't you?"

Harry never heard the question, as he slowly moved forward, puckering his lips.

"Harry..." Tom moved backwards. "Are you sure this is what you want? I mean…." Tom was cut off as Harry placed his lips firmly on Tom's.

"I want this to happen. Please Tom?" Those big brown puppy eyes Harry was making got Tom nodding his agreement.

"Unhhhhhhhhh" Harry groaned into the kiss that was turning him into putty.

Harry wanted to taste Tom even more, so he bit into Tom's neck, and smiled at the groan he heard his soon to be lover release.

"Harry," Tom paused, thinking how he should put this. "I thought you were this young innocent virgin?" But, grinning at the fun they were having and certainly going to have, he turned his head around and bit into Harry's neck.

"Aaaagh!" Harry groaned, feeling his own erect penis brush against Tom's.

"Oh god Harry" Tom groaned out, grinding more into Harry.

Harry scooped Tom up and threw him over a table, knocking over a mug of ale in the process.

Jumping on Tom, Harry tore-open the older man's shirt and licked at a hairy nipple.

"God Harry...yes!!!!" Roughly grabbing Harry's penis and rubbing it to get as much friction as was possible.

"God, I want you Harry! Can I......"

His question stopped with a rough kiss. Harry's tongue ravishing his mouth.

Harry practically fell off of both Tom and the table, fumbling for his belt buckle and trying not to remove his mouth from Tom's at the same time.

Grabbing Harry firmly by the waist to hold him up, Tom whimpered, "Harry,!"

Harry freed Tom's erect member and popped it into his mouth, relishing the slighty salty taste and its slight throbbing.

"Take me Harry! All of me! Don't hold anything back!" Tom concentrated on not thrusting into Harry's mouth, but it was proving to be difficult with the suction Harry was using.

Harry clutched Tom's testicles and squeezed them gently.

"No Harry! Not there!" Seeing Harry's confused look, Tom tried to explain, a daunting task considering the state he was in. "If you do it will be over to soon!"

Harry forced himself away and went to work on Tom's neck. Sucking the slightly salty flesh, and tugging on the areas where Tom's beard grew.

"Oh my god Harry! You don't know what you are doing to me!"


Feeling this was a little one sided, he went to work, first flipping Harry over and pinning him down. Tom suckled on first the left, then the right nipple, nipping each one roughly before laving it with his tongue.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!" Harry cried out in ecstasy. " Oh yeah Tom. More please…I have to have more!"

Tom slowly moved down to just above the very sparse pubic growth, and to the most perfect cock Tom had ever seen. A perfect 8 inches standing at attention. Tom quickly lapped up the pre-cum glistening at its head.

Harry shuddered and groaned in pleasure at the attention Tom was paying to his cock.

Grinning, Tom looked up at his lover "You like that Harry?"

Harry was speechless and could only nod in desperation, at the release he needed.

"Harry. Would you like me to suck the whole of your cock now? " Tom grinned as he said this, knowing that Harry was well beyond speech. He continued to slowly rub Harry as he waited for an answer.

"Aaagh, aghh" was all Harry could say.

"Answer me Harry, or I won't do it! " Tom loved teasing, as he often did with all his previous lovers. But out here, finding a sweet enough lover he could tease was impossible, so he wanted to enjoy this all the more.

"Yesssssssssssss!" Harry cried.

"Was that a 'yes' Harry? I didn't hear you right. Can you say it again?"

Harry struggled against his arousal. "Yes I would love it if you sucked on my manhood"

Feeling he had teased this boy enough, Tom went down on Harry. All the way to his Harry's huge balls, which he gently cradled in his hands as he sucked on the beautiful 8 inches, swirling his tongue around, and nibbling on it as
though it were a dessert.

Enjoying everything that Tom was doing, but desperately wanting another taste of Tom, Harry spun around and took Tom's organ into his mouth. Teasing the head with his tongue.

Tom roared in pleasure, which, was heard even down in the cells. Feeling, Harry suck on him made Tom suck harder, both impatient to get to release.

Tom swallowed the droplets of pre cum which appeared, like it was water for a drowning man.

Tom knew it was coming. He began to feel a build up inside him.

Harry also knew that Tom was close. As was he. He slowly reached up, not letting off on the suction and spread Tom's legs wide apart, and a shiver went through him at the sight of Tom's pink puckered orifice.

Tom's hole seemed to be throbbing a silent invitation, so, being as careful as he could, Harry gently rubbed the other surface, then inserted a finger.

Tom wanted to be fucked, he knew he did. But he had to make sure. So, with one more suck of pre cum he turned around and looked at Harry. "Do you want to Harry? Do you want to fuck me?" The question was unanswered for a moment as Harry was busy licking his lips and preparing Tom. But he finally noticed the halt in their love making, and answered the question with urgency in his voice.

"Oh Tom! I would like to permanently move into your tight little opening." He knew that was the perfect answer as Tom's eyes rolled back and he fell back down.

"Ahhh! Yes Harry! Fuck me! Now as hard or soft, as fast as slow as you want! But just fuck me!"

"Won't it hurt, Tom? I haven't done this before..." Harry asked, slightly nervous now.

"Oh Harry." Tom groaned. A lover that cared what he wanted, what it would be like for him is what Tom had being searching for, for years. "It may hurt a little, but the pleasure will take away the pain. Just grease up one finger, put it in me, then go slow. Pushing it, in and out, adding another finger then a third, then I should be ready for you."

"Okay Tom.... what can we use for grease?" Asking in a frustrated, and impatient voice making Tom grin.

"I…. ehhh, " Tom couldn't think, maybe because of the way Harry was staring at him with those big puppy eyes. But looking away for a second he got an idea. Pulling Harry's fingers towards him he gently suckled on them, not letting Harry's groan slow him down, and made sure they were thoroughly wet before letting them go.

"Good idea Tom!" And with that, Harry inserted a finger into Tom's rectum and found his throbbing prostate gland.

"Oh god Harry! Yes!" Both men were getting close now as Harry added a second finger, causing Tom to growl at Harry, turning Harry on more.

"I'm gonna cum soon." Pulling out Harry's fingers after the second had just being pushed in, Tom said "That's enough Harry. Just fuck me...can't….stand it...need….fuck…….baby?"

Harry anxiously climbed on to Tom, and slowly inserted his penis into Tom's tight hole. Causing Harry to throw his head back in ecstasy.

"Yes Harry!" Tom cried out. "Now please!"

Harry began to thrust in and out with more force. Seconds later, he reached around and began pumping Tom's penis.

"Nearly there Harry….. gonna come any second."

"Me too!" Cried Harry, his voice breaking apart.

"Oh god Harry!" Tom screamed one more final time, as he could hold off no longer and came with a bang.

Tom's butt contracting around Harry's hard shaft was enough to push Harry over the edge, allowing him to join him into a sated state.

They both fell to sleep soon after, with Harry still spooned up behind Tom.

Part Three

There was a pounding at the captains quarters, waking Tom up like a shot.

Carefully, detaching himself from the still sleeping Harry, with nothing but a blanket wrapped around, the tousled Captain he slowly opened the door.

"What?" Tom said, louder than he meant to.

"Captain, the crew have decided you have become, soft. No longer any use thanks to that!" The middle aged, dirty faced, first officer pointed towards the now stirring Harry.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Tom asked, still not fully awake.

"You have become soft, Captain! I am taking command, and you, along with that whore over there will be thrown into the cells."

Letting out a laugh, the First officer continued. "You better get changed Captain. As should that whore over there." The First officer grinned at the now fully awake, scared, and shivering Harry. "But if you don’t want him Captain"..I think I might like a try at him."

Tom’s face grew red with anger. Stepping directly in front of the rather small first officer, Tom spoke through clenched teeth. "You put one finger on him and I’ll see to it that you experience a whole new level of pain!"

Shrugging the threat off, the first officer began to turn away. "You’ve got 10 minutes."

Tom shut the door, locking it as he turned towards the frightened Harry. Tom's stomach tightened at seeing those warm brown eyes look at him in fear.

"Oh Harry, come here." The blanket dropped, but Tom didn’t care. He went under the blankets, scooting up next to Harry, and kissed him lightly down his neck, wrapping Harry up in his embrace. He hoped to shield Harry from all the hurt that may soon happen.

"Tom," Harry said, almost too quietly for Tom to hear.

"Yeah Harry?" Tom asked, squeezing Harry closer.

"Wh--what’s going to happen to you"

Tom couldn’t believe it. He was shivering for him? Scarred for him? After this, Tom’s thoughts on anything that may happen in the cells just disappeared.

"Nothing Harry. Nothing is going to happen. I’ve got you, and you’ve got me!" Giving Harry one last squeeze he began to get up. "Come on Harry. We have to get ready. You can have some of my clothes if you’d like?"

Seeing Harry’s nod, picked out some clothes for himself, and clothes for Harry and they quickly got changed.

With only a few minutes before the First officer would be back to take them to the cells Tom gave Harry a long searing kiss, taking away any last doubts Harry may have on them being together!

The First officer was true to his word, as he once again banged on the door.

"Come on Harry," Tom said taking Harry’s hand in his. "We're going to be ok." With one last squeeze of his hand, they opened the door, and were escorted to the cells.

(The Cell)

"I think if we can just get the guards distraction then we can.." Captain Janeway stopped speaking as the heavy door to the cell was unlocked and the first officer walked in, followed by Captain Paris, and Harry Kim.

"Captain?" The Captain's first officer, who she had being discussing there escape plans with spoke up.

"They’re holding hands." Janeway said, disgraced at how their Mid ship man had betrayed them.

Chakotay, her first officer, was just as interested to know what was happening, as she herself was, so he stayed quiet.

"You’ve got two new room mates!" The first officer spat out.

"Have fun!" Tom and Harry were thrown into the cell with the Captain, commander and several others. The first officer, as well as the two guards that had escorted them left.

Tom, uncaring of who saw, gently helped Harry up, and into a dark corner where he sat down first, then brought Harry up close next to him, wrapping him once again in a tight embrace.

"I love you Tom!" Harry said, not realising what he was actually saying, but then cuddling closer into Tom’s warm, comforting arms.

"I love you too Harry."

Part Four

Tom and Harry embraced one another in a lonely part of the cell. Although it was still early, theevents of the previous day left them exhausted.

The imprisoned crew of the HMS Venture had moved entirely to the other side of the cell, leaving the cuddling pair on their own. Their quiet voices and murmurs carried among theprisoners.

"I cant believe theyre together." Chakotay told Janeway.

"They do seem to have bonded quickly." Tuvok, the always level-headed German second officer added his opinion.

"We should find out why they have been put in here." Janeway stated, casting a glance at Tom and Harry.

"I would have thought that Mr Kim may have been sent down here when that pirate got tired of him," she paused for a breath, "but not the actual pirate Captain himself."

"I think we also need to know if he can help us escape, Captain." Chakotay stated.

"I agree, Captain." Tuvok added. "He will undoubtedly know the week spots of this ship, and looking at the relationship he has built with our former midshipman, I would say he may bewilling to help us."

"Dont count on it." Janeway spoke coldly. "What makes you think that he would help us?"

"He is still a former member of out crew, and may still hold some loyalties to us."

"We can at least try." Chakotay added. Janeway gave only a nod in acceptance.

(The Other Side of the Cell)

"Harry?" Tom whispered, his warm breath blowing across Harrys ear. Harry shivered at the feeling, and whimpered out a,

"Yes Tom?"

"I dont..." that is, you dont,"

"Tom?" Harry repeated, confused at Toms mixed up words.

"If you are embarrassed to be with me, or would like to leave me, I would understand. I mean, I can no longer force you with me, and I would understand if you wanted to re-join your crewmates."

"Tom!" Harry said louder this time, almost enough that the other prisoners could hear. "I dont want to be anywhere else! I want to be here with you. I feel safe with you, and I hope that you feel safe with me?"

"I do Harry, its just that..." Tom couldnt think of what to say to make Harry fully understand the situation.

"What Tom? What is it?" Harrys brows furrowed as he pouted, making Toms stomach doflip-flops over how much he wanted this man.

"Prisoners, they will usually treat badly, you know, whippings and beatings?" Tom took a deep breath before continuing, "but they are eventually set free usually."

"Free?" Harry asked, his eye brightening.

"In the past, when the ship neared a port, we threw our prisoners overboard, so that they could make it to shore." Toms voice suddenly turned grim, much to Harrys surprise.

"But traitors,which I am considered to be..."

"What Tom?" Harry, despite his strong will, was still young and inexperienced. "Tell me please?"

"They usually get hung, or whipped to death, or forced to walk the plank."

"I will not let that happen!" Harry said with such confidence that Tom himself almost believed him.

Tom continued, quickly pushing aside any feeling of false hope in an attempt to get his argument across. "I dont want you to be alone when they kill me." Tom did not stop at Harrys flinch of Toms word when and not if. "If you leave me now then you may be able to rejoin your former crewmates!"

Harry squeezed Tom tighter, showing in actions, and not words, that he was not going to take Toms advice.

Interrupting their very intimate conversation, Captain Janeway and First Officer Chakotay stoodover them.

"Can we help you?" Tom asked loudly, trying to sound strong. He held Harry close to him, and tried to shield him as much as he could.

"We wanted, that is my First Officer wanted....we were wondering if..."

Chakotay interrupted at this point. "We wanted to ask for your help in an attempt to escape."Toms jaw dropped in shock, but he thought he had nodded.

"Very good, "Janeway spoke clearly.

For the next half hour, Tom explained to Captain Janeway and Chakotay the major weaknesses of the ship, where the weapons were kept, and when the best time to escape would be.

Harry was cuddled in to Tom the entire time, with Toms arm strongly held around him. He did not add anything to the escape plan, except when Tom said that he would act as a diversion.

"No Tom, you cant do it!"

"Harry, weve talked about whats going to happen to me. Im dead either way."

He turned to Janeway, ignoring any further argument from Harry. "Ill do this as long as you swear to me that Harry will escape safely!?"

"No Tom!" Harry screamed. Frustrated that no one was listening to him.

"Agreed?" Tom asked.

"Agreed!" Janeway replied.

"No, Tom!" Harry repeated, this time screaming. "I wont allow it. If you stay, I stay. I will not leave without you!"

"You have to, Harry. Im doing this for you!"

The Captain and First Officer backed away from the arguing couple, attempting to give them as much privacy as possible.

"You will leave, you hear me?" Tom had used this threatening tone with him before, early on,when they had first met.

Harry was no longer intimidated by it. "It wont work anymore Tom! I am not afraid of you. I know you care for me, and you know that I care for you! Where you go, I go!"

Tom sighed. Before he could answer the cell door opened, and the traitorous Pirate First Officer entered.

"Well Captain, still with the one that put you here?"

"Harry didnt put me here!" Tom defended. "He taught me that I could still care, and I still had feelings!"

"Enough! You will follow us, Captain!" The last word was said with disgust, as he turned andheaded for the door.

Tom fell into step behind the First officer, releasing Harry.

"No, take me!" Harry pleaded.

The Pirate First Officer stopped, and turned to look at Harry. He put his dirty hand under Harrys chin, and pushed upwards. "Oh, rest assured I will take you. Many times, as will the rest of the crew."

"You touch him and Ill..."

"Youll what?" The first officer said, barely holding back a laugh. "Youre about to die. Youre going to come back and haunt me?" The first officer feigned great fear. "Oh no, Im shaking!"

"Stay away from him!"

"Enough." The First officer turned and headed for the door, ignoring any further pleas from Harry.

Part Five

Harry, continued to beg with the first officer, as he dragged Tom out to be hung. Harry had just found Tom, and couldn’t imagine losing him now. The very thought sent a shiver through Harry’s body.

“I love you Tom!” Harry shouted, afraid Tom was already to far away to hear him. But a loud shout, made quiet by distance was heard from Harry.

“I love you too Harry”

(About 30 seconds later)

“Captain,” Harry began, approaching his former Captain. “I know I betrayed you, and disappointed you, but please…I need your help! I can’t have Tom die!”

“Midshipman Kim.” Janeway began her voice hard, with just a little understanding there too. “Even if we could help that crimin,” She paused, rethinking her words. “Even if we could help Tom, why would we? Help someone who has put us here? Someone who has killed…”

Harry interrupted her, at this point. “Tom has never killed anyone! Never, It was his first officer, he.”

“Harry,” Beginning in the softer voice. “ He told you nothing but what you wanted to hear. What would get you into bed.”

“No!” Harry refused to believe it. He had looked into Tom’s eyes when he had told him. They were a beacon of light in the dark place among pirates.

“Harry, please!”

“No!” This time Harry creamed. “If you won’t help me, I’ll save him myself.” Turning away from his former crewmate’s, Harry began to pace at the other side of the cell, attempting to figure out a way to save his lover.

(On Deck)

Tom had a noose around his neck. He was stood on a very old, rotten wooden stool.

“So,” Began the first officer. “Tell you what CAPTAIN,” The first officer spat the word Captain as if it were poison. “If you make the young man stay
with me, willingly, I’ll let lower a boat and let you go.”

“Never! Tom screamed, partly in fear of what would happen to his mate. He already knew he felt so much more than lust for the young, exotic beauty. From the moment he had set his eyes on him, he had being totally and
completely infatuated with him.
 “Very well.” The first officer said. “I’ll have him anyway, it’s just it’ll hurt a little more, for him!”

A shudder racked Tom’s body at his words.  He couldn’t stand the fact he wouldn’t be able to protect Harry.

The drum roll began, but all Tom could think of, all he was concerned about was Harry. What would happen to him? Would he escape? Would he find someone else? The last question he asked himself caused a pain in his heart. He knew he was being selfish. Asking Harry to move on after he had died would be the best thing, but even the thought of Harry with someone else, hurt him deeply.

A sudden bang caused the drum roll to stop. A voice from the ‘birds nest’ shouted down. “Enemy ship to port!”

The pirate crew scattered to prepare the ship to return fire. But the first officer still had one last task to complete.

Approaching Tom, he leaned in close, and whispered into Tom’s ear. Slightly spitting as he did it.

“You wanna know something, pretty?” The first officer continued before Tom could answer. “I’m gonna enjoy taking that young, ripe boy! I bet you treated him good huh? Gently?”

The first officer knew the young Captain was soft when it came to being rough with his partners. But he didn’t have that problem.

Roughly kicking away the chair, Tom fell down. His neck, not-breaking with the impact of the rope on his neck. His legs were shaking as slowly the life was taken away from him.

The first officer watched for a few moments as his former Captain struggled to grasp to life, then left to help his crew in the battle.

Tom’s last thoughts were of his short-lived relationship with Harry. How he’d changed so quickly, from the young naïve boy, into a caring, more aggressive loving man. He took pride in that he’d done that for Harry.

It may have been the only good thing he had done in his life, but it made his heart warm to think of it.

He loved Harry, and he died with that thought.

(10 Minutes Later)

The Pirate’s had lost the battle, and the ship was sinking. The U.S.S. Viron had managed to get a few crewmembers on board to free the prisoners, before the ship sank.

All of Janeway’s crew and Harry had got on deck, rushing to the boats tied to the side.

Harry, was being pulled along by Chakotay and Neelix when he suddenly froze. There, on the now water-covered bridge was his lover’s body, his entire neck bruised purple, his face lay on his shoulders.

Harry ran to his lover, the ship going down at a faster rate now, the water at his knees.

“Tom, Tom!” He shook Tom, but he was being pulled back by Chakotay and Neelix. “Let me go!” Harry screamed, clutching to Tom.

“Harry,” Chakotay began softly. “He’s gone now!”

“No!” Harry screamed. He knew it was true, but he couldn’t let go of Tom. He loved him.

“Harry, we have to go, now!”

“Can we…can we take him with us?”  The reality had hit Harry. But he wanted to bury Tom. He wanted to say goodbye to Tom properly.

“No time now Harry. We have to go.”

Harry pulled out of Chakotay’s grasp, and moved next to Tom. Leaning up to kiss Tom’s cool, dry, but not any less sweet lips.

Then pulled back, lightly stroking Tom’s cheek. “Good bye Tom. I’ll never forget you. I’ll love you always.” Harry brushed away a few tears, and began to take a few steps back. “Good bye my love.”

With those final words, Harry followed Chakotay and Neelix to the remaining boat. Harry’s did not look back. Fearing if he did, he’d go back to Tom, and drowned with him.

The End.

Now, here's the poem, i love it!

There once was a Pirate named Tom
who was reputed to have a big schlong
but when midshipman Harry was captured
he was soon enraptured
and didn't care that his reputation was wrong