Author: Adam
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Title: If I can't have him, nobody can.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: P/K.
Series: 1/?
Archive: PK Elite
Warnings: Tom is hurt, but not graphicly!
Disclaimer: Tom, Harry and everyone else mentioned is Paramounts.
Summary: Tom is kidnapped, and is tortured.

It had being a slow, and very long shift on the bridge.

The Captain and Commander had been in conference all morning, Harry and B'Elanna had being busy attempting to track down a misaligned plasma coil, and Tuvok was off somewhere running security drills with most of his Kappa security detail. That left Tom Paris in command of the bridge, although he remained at the helm.

Harry exited the turbolift a few minutes before the end of the Alpha shift, and blew Tom a kiss from across the bridge. The reaction that Harry got from that simple gesture, was enough to fill Harry with warmth, inside and out.

Only moments after starting some work at his station, Harry shouted.

"Tom! There is an alien vessel on an intercept course!"

"Are they hostile?" Tom asked. Not wanting to start a panic over nothing.

A few taps at his console, and Harry frowned. "I can't be sure, Tom!" Momentarily forgetting the use of rank on duty.

"There is definatly an energy buildup, and my best guess, would be weapons."

"Red alert. Shields up. All senior officers report to the bridge!"

Only moments later, both the Captain and Commander exited the Captain's  ready room, and Tuvok, exited the turbolift. B'Elanna of course would not be coming, because if there was trouble, she would be needed down in engineering.

"Report, Lieutenant." The captain's usual serious voice in place.

"Ensign Kim has detected an alien vessel on an intercept course. He can't be sure, but it seems they have weapons charged."

Turning straight from Tom to Harry, she spoke, "Hail them Mr Kim."

"No response captain!"

"Continue trying." Before she had chance to give her next order, the view screen suddenly showed a large alien. A lot like the Hirogen they had encountered a while back. At the side of this large alien was a smaller, though still a lot bigger than the average human, alien female. Long, straight, and jet black hair. Eyes that were equally dark, and despite her size, Tom could tell that she was extremely graceful. Yet, she also had a  look of brutality that scared him.

"I am Captain Katherine Jan..." Interrupted in mid sentence, the larger
alien spoke.

"Your designation is of no importance. You will address me as 3rd emperor of the N'Rark. My daughter," pointing to the young alien girl next to him "you will have no need to address." Once again, before allowing Captain Janeway to speak, the alien spoke to his daughter.

"Daughter, which one?"

"I don't know father. There are two that I want." The girl spoke in a very whiny voice. The farther seemed to be looking at her disapprovingly.

"My daughter, you know that you are only allowed one. Now, which one?"

"The one with the eyes of the clearest ice, and the bluest depths." The farther simply nodded, turned to someone beyond the view screen, and spoke.


"Yes my emperor."The bridge crew dimly heard in the background.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Harry had gone pale. He new as soon as she had said about the eyes, who she meant. *Tom, she is going to take my Tom. * Harry thought in panic. Tears were already running on the inside of him, and were threatening to run on the outside. Only being on the bridge held them back.

Reacting before anyone else, Harry attempted to modulate the shield frequency. But it was two late, as Harry saw the love of his life vanish before his eyes. Not caring anymore where he was, he let out a scream.


The captain knew about the situation between her Conn and ops officer, and understood what Harry was going through.

"How dare you?!"The captain spoke in her no-nonsense voice, giving her coldest stare to the alien facing her.

"I want my officer back, now!" The alien emperor, just gave a nod once again to someone in the background, and the view screen was deactivated.

"Captain," Harry spoke, his voice obviously showed the panic that he was feeling.

"They have changed course. A heading directly away from us. At warp eight."

"Pursue course. Over take them, Ensign Batehart, (who had taken over helm controls) warp 8.5."

"Aye. Captain."

"We have passed them captain."

"All stop. Ready weapons, Mr Tuvok. Battle stations."

The view screen was once again filled with the faces of both aliens and Tom. His uniform had being stripped from him, leaving him with only his white boxer briefs. His face was battered and bruised. His ribs were showing very clearly. Clear enough that you could count them.

"What have you done to my officer? How could you do so much damage in those few short minutes?" The captain tried not to let her obvious curiosity show, because of the situation.

"Your minds are small. Your concept of time is so limited. It may have been a few minutes to you, but for this slave," The alien emperor pointed towards Tom. "It has being just over seven months, your time." Nobody on the bridge could hide their shock. Harry however, just felt immense pain that Tom had been alone for all that time.

As the shock began to subside, the alien emperors daughter picked up from behind her what looked like a Klingon pain stick. She asked Tom a question, one that the bridge crew could all hear.

"Slave. Who do you love?" She held the pain stick directly in front of Tom's ribs, ready to use force.

"Harry. I love Harry" Seconds later, Tom screamed in pain as the stick let out a shock. "Once again slave, who do you love?"

"Haarryyy!" Tom screamed as he was hit once again.

Not willing to watch anymore, the captain decided it was time to put a stop to this.

"Release my crew member. Now!"

"Never." The daughter answered before her father. "I will never let my slave go."

"We have scanned your vessel. Besides your advanced transporters, your weapons would be useless against us."

Giving no sign of releasing Tom, the captain decided enough was enough.

"Tuvok, disable them. I want their shields down, and Mr Paris back on board."

"Aye, captain." The alien ship shook.

"You may destroy us, but you will never again have this slave."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that." But as the captain was saying her last words, the alien daughter injected something into Toms neck. Causing Tom to grab his neck, and drop to his knees in pain.

"The pain, the pain. Please, make it stop. I'll do anything. Aghhhhhhhh."

"Who do you love?"

"I, I, I love Harry." Tears were streaming down Tom's face as the pain continued to surge through him.

"Captain." Tuvok interrupted the scene playing out before them.

"The alien vessel is about to destruct!"

"Beam Paris directly to sickbay."

"Sickbay reports Lt Paris is there. Good, get us out of here Ensign Batehart, warp six."

"Aye Captain."

Harry was already heading for the turbolift when the captain turned around.

"Ensign Kim. I will accompany you to sickbay." Despite her saying this, she still had to run to get to the lift in time.

"Sickbay" She told the turbolift, as Harry was, by the looks of things, in shock.