Title: Gone But…Forgotten?
Author: Adam 
Rating: PG 
Pairing: PK 
Series: 1/1 
Warnings: None, really. 

Disclaimer: Tom, Harry the rest of the Voyager cast and Voyager belongs to Paramount. 

Summary: Not telling.

Dedication: To sweet Akira.

“FIRE, Mr Kim!”

“NO! I C-can’t. I w-won’t. Tom’s in that shuttle!”

“I am aware of that Ensign. But Tom chose this. He knew what would happen.”   Though her words were strong, there was nothing in her voice that backed it   u. She was scared, and angry for not been able to do anything, and guilty   for not getting yet another crew member, home.

“Tuvok,” Janeway started, dejectedly. “Transfer the ‘modified deflector beam   to your station and fire’”

“Aye Captain.” Tuvok acknowledged. Even his Vulcan stoic’s had been tempered.

There was an eerie silence around the bridge as Tuvok prepared to fire…

“Captain,” Tuvok suddenly broke everyone out of their sombre moods.”   Deflector controls transferred to Ops, can’t do anything.”

“ENSIGN!” She screamed. “Destroy that shuttle!”

Harry seemed to ignore her and activated the view screen displaying a suprisinly calm and composed Tom.

“Harry?” Tom asked shocked at seeing Voyager’s bridge. Never expecting to see it again.

“Oh Tom, why did you do it?” Harry sobs took him over as he continued to speak. “Why did you tear yourself from me. Leave me empty. Why Tom? WHY?”   Harry screamed at the view screen.

“Three Minutes before complete subspace destruction.” The computers emotionless voice chimed in.

“You know why, my love. How could I live with the knowledge that I could have made sure you made it home to you family and friends, and I didn’t take   it.

I was a coward at Caldek, I was a coward with the Maquis,” Tom stopped for a   brief moment glancing at Chakotay, giving him a quick smile. “But I will not   be a coward any more! You are going to live on! You are going to be the one   thing in life I am proud of!”

All the bridge crew were either sniffling, holding back tears or sobbing openly. An option which Harry went for.

“Don’t cry, Harry.” Tom spoke soothingly, frowning at the stained cheeks of   his lover. “We’ll be together again, you’ll find a new lover. Someone else to share your life with, to make a life with!”


“Harry, STOP. Start your life right now! I’m already gone Harry. My life’s over, but yours is just beginning. You won’t mourn for me Harry, you won’t   be sad. You’ll have a new lover before you know it.” Tom gave his famous Paris grin, but a special one. One reserved for no one but Harry.

“How can you say that? I’ll never forget you!” Harry was hurting more at the feelings coursing through his veins.

“You should check the scans we took, one more time Harry. Once this shuttle is destroyed,” tom continued on, pained at what he saw on Harry’s face when   he said his shuttle would be destroyed. “…The subspace rupture will be   sealed, but with me on the shuttle time will take me away Harry!”

“What, NO! You can’t leave me like this! You can’t…can’t” Harry couldn’t continue. The truth about how Tom would be gone, not just from his physical   world, but from his mind within a minute was tearing at him.

“You won’t remember Harry, but I will! I’ll remember what we shared. What we   had. What we did! I won’t let a love as pure as ours die my love. I’ll be   here with you Harry, watching over you. You won’t know, but I will be here.”

“Twenty Seconds until Complete subspace destruction.”

“Fire! Now! Do it Harry. I know you can do it!”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Harry screamed as he pressed the button to fire.

Harry, Janeway, Chakotay everyone took one final look at Tom, those amazing blue eyes which could show so much hate, so much anger, and so much love. The eyes of Tom Paris were definitely the windows to his soul.

“Never Forget Harry, I’ll never forget!” Tom shouted over the comm. “Goodbye Harry, I love y…” Then the Comm went dead, the subspace rupture began to   seal, and pictures were ripped from everyone’s minds.

Harry clung to each one as hard as he could but they continued to leave him.

…Tom obsessing over his new ship Alice….Toms in his Captain Proton costume   standing by his side…Tom locked In the brig, pacing back and fourth…. Tom   holding a gun on him during the WW2 holodeck scenario….Tom saving him and   looking after him in the Chute…Tom letting himself die for him after only   knowing him in the AU for only a few hours…..Tom saving him on the Ocompan   home-world…Tom telling him to stay away from him….Tom saving him at the bar…

Then everything went black.

“Harry, come on. We had a date, remember?” James Harris said, spinning around in the Pilots seat.

Harry sighed but allowed himself a grin.

He could never be this happy. No one could ever make him this happy.

As Harry entered the Turbolift after James he could have sworn he heard an   unfamiliar, but suprisinly calming voice…. I’ll never forget my love….

The End