Title: Forgotton Realm
Author: Adam
E-mail: adam_brittboy@yahoo.co.uk
Pairing: PK
Series: 1/possibly more
Rating: PG so far.
Disclaimer: The crew belong to Paramount.
Summary: Dragons, fairies....you get the idea.

We live in a time where magic no longer has the
strength it once did. I write this letter in what
little time remains of my life. I was once called an
immortal, but I'm dying now. The realm of magic has
decayed over the centuries, new technologies and
science taking its place. Myths and legends have been
replaced with scientific fact and improbability.
Dragons and fairies have vanished to be replaced with
aliens and space-fairing life forms.
My good friend Malicite once said all things must come
to an end, but magic cannot, I will not allow it.
Ironic that it will be a group of 'humans' from a land
of science that will be the ones to save the remaining
land of magic.

And so, with the remaining debris of magic that
inhabits my body I shall be.borrowing several humans
in order to save us all. They will join my young
daughter, Celeste on the quest that was prophesied.

This ends my writings of generations.



"Scan the anomaly Mr Kim!" Janeway ordered. When
receiving no acknowledgement she turned to the Ops
station and finding her Ensign missing.

"Take us away from it LT! Janeway ordered, but Tom had
gone. "Tuvok!" She yelled, turning in time to see her
LT Commander disappear. Commander, rotate the shields,
try to." She was gone before she could finish her
orders. Followed closely by Chakotay, B'Elanna, and
the Doctor.


Some time later, or so it seemed all of the senior
staff appeared in the middle of nowhere. They were on
a planet, with a purple sky above them. The wooded
area they were in seemed to be a mix of dull greens,
dark blues, and a variety of purples which was
dominant nearly everywhere, including the water.

"Chakotay to Voyager!" Chakotay tapped his comm badge,
hoping for a response but receiving none.

"Janeway to Kim!" Kim tapped his badge after been
hailed by his Captain.

"Well, at least we can communicate with each other.

"Where is this?" It was B'Elanna this time and she
seemed frustrated her Klingon half coming through.

"This doesn't look like any world I've ever seen.
There's something about it. It's got a feel about it.
Something old." Chakotay responded.

"I concur with the Commanders assessment." Tuvok said.

A loud screech interrupted the officer's information
gathering causing them to look up.

"What is that?!" Harry yelled. The Doctor had already
moved under a very large Oak tree, and was quickly
followed by the others. Harry continued to stare in
awe at the creature.

"Harry, get out of there!" Tom screamed. "It's a
Dragon! Harry.NOOOO!" Tom screamed, running and
jumping onto Harry, knocking both himself and Harry
out of the way of the flame-ball that almost
encompassed his friend.

"The dragon was turning around for another pass, and
both men quickly got up and ran for the shelter of the
large tree. Not the safest place to hide from a
fire-breathing dragon, but a step up from middle of an
empty patch of grass.

A giggle once more tore the crew's attention from what
they were previously doing. The Dragon was snorting
out smoke circling the air above them, and looked as
though it was growing impatient.

"What are you?" Tom whispered to the fairie. "I'm a
nymph." She giggled again, saying it as though it was
obvious. "My name is Paiva, come with me." Another
giggle erupted as she flew into a blue/yellow portal
that had suddenly appeared. Only it was about three
inches in diameter.

"Eh.hey.come back!"

"Yes?!" Paiva asked, her hands on her hips, her wings
flapping too fast to see. "We can't fit through that!"
Tom stated.

Paiva sighed and began to fly around in circles,
larger and larger until it was up to about Tom's

"Now come!" Paiva giggled.

Tom was about to go through when a hand grabbed his
shoulder. "What makes you think we should trust it, Mr
Paris?" It was Tuvok and he had his logical face on.

He blushed when he couldn't answer, realising he could
have walked into an even worse situation.

"Well, it can be any worse than where we are now!"
B'Elanna argued pointing up in the air at the Dragon
who had begun to breathe flames at the large tree.

A moment of consideration and the crew quickly went
through the portal; Tom grabbing Harry's hand to make
sure he followed.

To Be Continued