Title: Finding The Good
Author: Adam
Pairing: PK
Series: 1/?
Archiving: PKelite, PKSP, and Tom Paris Dorm 

Disclaimer: Tom and Harry along with Voyager belong to Paramount.

Warnings: Some strong content. Rating PG-13

Summary: None as of yet.

Beta‘d By Jeanette

Dedication: To The Elite Moderators, Ren, Tatsuya, and Anita....

"Tom, I already told you! I will not watch any more Vampire movies!" Harry argued.

"What‘s the matter? You afraid someone‘s gonna bite you?" Tom shouted before pouncing on Harry, his Vampire face showing clearly and his fangs glinting in the soft light of the room.

Harry woke up with sweat dripping down his face. It was the fifth night in a row that Harry had, had this nightmare.

Ever since Voyager‘s visit to ‚Planet Dead‘, which was aptly named from Harry‘s viewpoint. Ever since that visit, Harry had been having these nightmares, and Tom was always the centre of all them.

He had to tell someone about it. Had to know what was happening to him.

(Tom‘s Quarters)

"I need something, I can‘t go on I just need" Tom‘s thoughts, which he had spoken out loud, were interrupted by a chime at his door.

"COME IN!" Tom shouted angrily.

"Hi Tom. I wanted to ask your advice on something." Harry spoke, whilst keeping his eyes fixed on his feet.

"Harry, now is not really a good time!" Tom answered, the anger continuing to grow.

Tom hadn‘t eaten, drank, or even slept in 5 days and he couldn‘t take much more of it. Ever since that visit to the waste-of-time planet this had began. "Please Tom." Harry finally looked up into Tom‘s eyes, gasping at what he saw.

Tom‘s eyes - no longer blue - had turned a beautiful shade of violet-blue. His face had gone alarmingly pale, and his body, apart from looking tired, seemed to be more muscular.

"W-what happened?"

"WHAT?" Tom barked back, angrily. He was in no mood for questions, especially not from his best friend. "T-Tom, look at yourself. Your eyes have gone a strange colour, and your face is too pale." Harry blushed slightly as he noticed the bulge in Tom‘s pants. It was very hard to see bulges and bumps through a StarFleet uniform, but right now he could see one through Tom‘s. He seemed to have grown in other places too.

Tom followed Harry‘s gaze to his crotch, and allowed himself to grin for the first time in almost a week. Harry was interested in him. Wanted him maybe? At that thought, Tom started to change. He didn‘t know what was happening to him. He couldn‘t stop it. His face started to change. Ridges appeared, his eyes turned a golden yellow, and fangs protruded out of his mouth.

"Tom?" Harry asked, as if expecting an answer. Harry didn‘t know what happened. One moment he stood staring at his friend and the next he was pinned under his friend who was gently scraping His fangs? Harry thought, across his neck.

Harry couldn‘t help but shiver at Tom‘s attentions, his neck had always been a weakness of his. He unconsciously pulled Tom closer, thereby pulling Tom‘s fangs closer into his neck.

Harry had seen enough movies, mostly thanks to Tom, to know what Vampires did.

"Bite me, Tom!" Harry begged.

Tom couldn‘t control it this was it. The thing that he was missing, blood. But not just anyone‘s Harry‘s. He ‚wanted‘ Harry‘s blood.

Not thinking any more, Tom slowly sank his fangs into the supple neck, sucking greedily as hot blood flooded through the puncture marks Tom had made. Tom couldn‘t help himself and sucked harder. The blood was so sweet, so potent. He could taste what could only be described as Harry‘s essence.

"T-Tom, ssttp. Yourrr takkking tooo muchhh!" Harry stuttered, struggling to stay conscious over the blood loss.

Tom couldn‘t hear Harry. All what he heard was Harry‘s slowing heartbeat, and constant flow of Elixir coming from Harry‘s neck.

To be continued