Author: Adam.
Title: Fight It Tom
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: P/K
Warnings: Not really. Except it may be slightly sad. Also implies M/M relationship.

Disclaimer: Tom, Harry and any Voyager character in this story belong to paramount.As does, the general idea of this story.

Summary: An away mission on a Borg vessel. What good can come from that?

Spoilers: This is a general idea of season ¾ episodes Scorpion. Although it has being altered a lot.

Part One

"I want an away team on that Borg vessel." The Captain spoke in her no nonsense voice.

Chakotay nodded as he headed for the turbolift "Tuvok, Lt Paris, your with me." As all three men entered the Turbolift, the Captain began spouting out more orders.

(Borg Vessel)

"Lower your weapons. They will not attack us, if they do not see us as a threat." Tuvok informed the Lt and Commander.

They began walking slowly through the semi-destroyed Borg vessel, stepping over debris and dead Borg on their way.

"Lt Paris. I want all the information from that Bio node you can get."

"Eye Commander" Paris nodded as he began tapping on his tricorder.

(Voyager Bridge)

What if something happens? I dont know what Ill do. Need him. Janeway had being watching Harry as he thought of all the bad things that could happen. She knew Tom and Harry had rotten very close over the past couple of months, closer than close friends did. And she knew what it was like to worry about someone you love on an away mission.

A Comm from the Doctor brought both Harry and the Captain out of their thoughts.

"Captain get them out of there!"


"No time Captain. Now, Get them out of there now!"

Nodding Janeway did as he asked.

"BElanna, do it!"

"I cant get a lock!"

"Captain!" Screamed Chakotay through the comm. "TOMS HURT! GET US OUT OF HERE! NOWWWW!"

"BElanna!" The Captain urged.

"Got them Captain! They're in Sickbay."

"Doctor?" Janeway asked over the comm.

"I am a little busy right now Captain. No time to talk. Mr Paris is seriously injured.

"Doctor..." Before the Captain could continue the Doctor interrupted

"Sickbay out."


"Commander, I must insist you get back. I cannot help Mr Paris when you are standing in my way." Reluctantly, Chakotay stepped back.

"Kes, Tiranoxide, 20ccs." Without acknowledgement, Kes handed the Doctor the requested medicine.

Both too busy to notice the Captain's entrance or that Chakotay was now informing the Captain what had happened.

(The Doctors Office)

"Report?" The Captain asked. Not really sure she wanted to know.

"I told Mr Paris, to access information from a Borg node. Lt Tuvok and I went scanning for the cause of the destruction of the Borg vessel."

The Captain nodded, as a yes to go on.

"We heard Tom scream, and ran to help him." The Doctor joined them at this point, sighing loudly.

"Hes asleep for now. Theres nothing I can do. Hes being infected with some kind of advanced alien cell."

Looking through the Doctors office, to her Lt lying limply on the Sickbays main bio bed. "It looks like hes being transformed in some way?" She said in both a question and a statement.

"Not exactly. The alien cell is destroying Mr Paris cells. In essence...Mr Paris is being eaten from the inside out." The Captain felt intense knots form in her stomach.

"Will he survive?" She asked, in a more grave voice than she thought she ever would.

"Unknown. I have come up with something I believe may save Lt Paris. However it will take several days for it to be ready.

"Does Tom have several days?" Asking with water filling her eyes.


The Captain left the Doctor as he began the long arduous process of replicating the Borg Nanoprobes, and stopped just before she reached the doors of Sickbay, facing her Pilot.

"Fight it Tom! Thats an order." The Captain said before she turned and left, on route for the Bridge,

A single tear rolled down Toms cheek.

Part Two

Upon entering the Bridge, the Captain looked over to where Harry would usually be busy at work, but at the moment, he was staring at her. His big, brown, soulful eyes asking for something she knew she could not refuse.

"Ensign Kim, youre relieved of duty for the next few days."

Harry entered the turbolift seconds after he had heard the Captain say his name.

The way to Sickbay was like an eternity. Suddenly the Sickbay doors were in front of Harry, and he went straight in. Ignoring the Doctors pitiful looks, and was by Toms side at last.

Tom awoke to something hot hitting, and then falling down his cheek. It took a few seconds to pry open his eyes to see his lover, his soul mate, his other half weeping over him.

Lifting a hand to Harrys cheek, and wiping the tears away with his thumb, Tom spoke softly.

"Dont cry Harry. Please dont cry." Toms stomach was tight with knots as he looked at the pain he was causing his lover.

This is ridiculous! Harry thought to himself. *Hes the one hurt. In pain. I should be comforting him, not the other way around.

"Tom I, I..." Harry couldnt believe it. He still couldnt say it.

"I know Har, I love you too." Harry had been unable to say the words showing how much Tom meant to him. Tom knew how Harry felt. He showed him every time that they were together.

Shaking his head, Harry decided he needed to say this. Needed to tell Tom.

"Tom. I... I..I LOVE YOU!" Harry screamed. Toms lips curved into a smile at Harrys admission, right before Tom's face went blank, his eyes closed, and the Doctor made his way quickly to Tom's side.

"Tom, Tom! Dont leave me. I love you. I need you!"

"Mr Kim, please calm down, and stand back. I cannot help Mr Paris if I have to handle you aswell."

Harry did not even seem to hear The Doctor. He was completely focussed on his unconscious lover.


Kes nodded and moved behind Harry, administering a Hypo-Spray.

She led Harry to a bio bed and managed to lay him down just before he fell asleep.

"Kes I need you now. Trioxide, 50ccs!"

Passing the Doctor the hypo, she began to read the monitors, shouting out Tom's status.

"His neural pathways are degrading. The alien cells are spreading more quickly, attacking all his major systems. Heart, lungs, Kidneys."

"Another 80ccs of Trioxide, now!" Kes looked at the Doctor her face showing the shock of the Doctor's request.

"Doctor, are you sure Toms system can handle that much medication. His system has already been weakened by the alien cells."

"I know what Im doing, now, the trioxide."

The Doctor and Kes worked on Tom for little under an hour before he stabilised. Harry had awoke and was by Toms side. Toms face was even paler than before. He seemed exhausted even in sleep.

"Harry?" Tom croaked out of his dry throat.

"Im here Tom. Im here. How you feeling?" Harry tried to keep the conversation light. Not wanting to upset Tom or maybe Harry thought he was just trying to save himself from the upset.

"When can I get out of here?"

"I want to keep you here until I have destroyed the alien cells," Toms usually cerulean blue eyes were now grey, and he focussed in on Harry to try and convey his pain. Harry looked into those expressive eyes he had come to love, and not leaving Tom's eyes spoke to the Doctor.

"Maybe Tom could go to his quarters? Ill make sure he stays in bed. Well keep a transporter lock on him at all times."

The Doctor looked from Tom to Harry. Knowing he could do nothing more for Tom here, he agreed.

"Very well Mr Kim. I will release Mr Paris into your care. I want him here every day for a check up."

"Anything Doctor. Can I take him now?"

"Yes. Make sure he gets lots of rest, and drinks plenty of fluids."

Computer. Two to transport directly to Lt Paris quarters."

(Toms Quarters)

"Ill be here if you need me Tom" Harry told him, after he had finished tucking Tom snugly into bed.

"Harry. Please, dont go. Stay with me?"

Harry sighed. "Ill be right in the other room Tom."

"No, with me. I want to feel you against me."

"OK Tom. Quickly pulling of his jump suit his shirt, boots, and socks Harry looked to see that Tom had opened the covers up for him.

"Ive warmed it for you." Speaking seductively, Toms eyes had re-gained some of the fire, which Harry thought had been lost.

Blushing, Harry moved towards the bed, dressed only in his starfleet issue boxers.

"Harry" Tom spoke in a mock serious voice. "Youre not coming into the bed with those on!" Tom loved to tease Harry.

Now that he knew Harry was going to be with him, he wanted a little teasing. He knew how quickly Harry became embarrassed about things like that, and so he always pushed them to the limit.

"Tommy" Harry begged. Using his pet name for Tom.

"Come on Har. I only want to see whats hiding underneath them."

Harry pulled them off slowly, giving Tom a full clear view of Harry.

Tom was still amazed that Harry had been able to hide all that under his ensign's uniform for so long.

"Thats better. Now get in here." Despite what Tom was saying, Harry heard the tiredness in Toms voice, and quickly complied.

Harry allowed Tom to spoon up behind him. Always amazed at how good it felt to be held.

"I love you Tom" Once Harry had said it, it had become easy to say. To admit what he felt for Tom.

"I love you Harry. Now go to sleep!"

"Yes Sir!" Harry joked. Both men quickly fell asleep, remaining in each others arms, feeling content.

Part Three

Harry rolled over in his sleep and awakened to find that Tom was no longer spooned behind him.

"Tom?" Harry called out to the unlit quarters. Hearing no answer, Harry pulled himself out of bed and slipped on a pair of boxers.

"Computer, Quarter lights." The ambient lighting increased slightly, just  enough for Harry to see his surroundings. "Tom?" Harry called out again, a  little louder this time. Still hearing no answer, Harry's concern shot up.

"Computer" Harry said as he quickly pulled more clothes on, "Locate Lt.  Paris!" The computer responded instantly with its usual emotionless voice.
"Lt. Paris is in Sickbay." This gave Harry quick relief, which vanished instantly as other thoughts hit  him. 'What's wrong with Tom? Why is he in sickbay.' Guilt washed over Harry. 'I didn't even wake up and check on him.'


"Mr. Paris, you must remain still. I cannot complete"

"Noooo!" Tom screamed, the pain overwhelming him again. "Get Harry, Doc,  please?" Tom begged.

"We need to attempt to treat you first."

"Harry!" Tom shouted.

Tom relaxed when Harry eventually walked into sickbay. The Doctor wasted no  time, and took the rare opportunity of Tom's relaxed state to complete his  scans.

"I'm here, Tom," Harry spoke, now standing by Tom's bedside. "I'm right  here!"

Tom's entire body began to shake and his face became even paler than the  already ghostly image his complexion had taken. Harry cupped Tom's face in  his hand and stroked it softly.

"It'll be alright, Tom. I promise you. The pain will stop soon."

"I just want it to stop, Harry" Tom cried. "I can't take it any more, it  hurts Harry!" Tom stopped to take a few, much needed deep breaths. "God! It  hurts so much."

Harry struggled to swallow down a lump in his throat as he realized what Tom was saying to him. He couldn't take living any more. NO Harry said to himself. I won't let him go. I can't let him  go.

"Ensign Kim. I must insist that you step back. We need to operate."

Kes was preparing the hypos and instruments needed as Harry looked at the Doctor questioningly.

The Doctor sighed. "Mr. Paris needs immediate surgery, his liver is failing. We need to attempt to save it, or in the worst case replicate him an  artificial one. But," The Doctor began, not wanting to give the distraught
Ensign any false hopes. "If we cannot find away to curb the effects of the alien DNA, his organs will  start to fail one by one, and we can not synthesize everything."

"I understand."

"Good. Now, if you would..." The Doctor spoke, moving in front of Harry to  begin his long task ahead.

Harry couldn't bear to watch Tom go through this again, and so he left, and  returned to his quarters.

(Two Days Later)

Harry had not seen Tom since he had left him in Sickbay two days ago, and it was taking its toll. He hadn't eaten or slept in those two days, which was obvious just by looking at his face.

"Harry!" An angry, half Klingon, engineer shouted through Tom's door.

"I know you're in there! Let me in now!"

Harry didn't have the energy to argue,  so he opened the door.

"My god, Harry," B'Elanna said,  taking in Harry's dead-looking face. "Have you seen yourself?"

"Don't care." Harry spoke like a child being told off.

"How's Tom?" B'Elanna asked, attempting to keep the conversation going.

"Don't know. Haven't seen him in a few days."

"Harry?" B'Elanna asked, slightly shocked. "Haven't you even checked in on  him?"

An, anger built in Harry. One that he never knew he had. "Listen to me. I   can't lose him you hear me? If I go to Sickbay and see Tom there, see him" Tears stopped Harry from continuing, but he  roughly wiped them away, "See him like he was two days ago, I don't think I  could take it."

"Have you thought he might need you, Harry? Need his best friend? His  lover?"

"Don't you think I know that?" Harry snapped. "I just want Tom back. Strong  like he used to be."

B'Elanna knew she should bite her lip before she continued what she was  going to say, but it needed to be said.

Maybe he needs you to get better Harry?" She let the information begin to   settle before she continued. "To get someone better, you cannot just use medicine. If Tom has something to live for... something to fight for... he'll fight and struggle. But with nothing, it is medicine on its own Harry."

B'Elanna watched Harry, as he seemed to be struggling with what she had  said.

Then standing, his expression showed hehad decided something.

"I need to see Tom." B'Elanna fought back a small smile.


The operation the Doctor had started two days ago had been successful. He had been asleep for almost an entire day, and had only being awake for about 4 hours. He had been told by the Doctor that  the Captain, Neelix, Megan and even Chakotay had come to see him but not  Harry.

The thought that Harry had not come over to see him was like a dagger to the heart.  He didn't want to deal with the trouble anymore. He was tired of looking after him.

All these thoughts went through Tom's mind and tears once again began to  fall.

Well, Tom thought to himself, I can't blame him. He's young, he doesn't  need to be tied down to a decaying 'almost, and soon-to-be' corpse.

Harry entered Sickbay to see Tom crying. The protectiveness for this man  overcame him, and he rushed to Tom's side."Tom, what's wrong. Who upset  you?"

How ironic Tom thought, looking into the eyes of the man who had done this.

"God, Tom...I'm,"

Using a little of his rapidly declining strength, Tom put his hand to  Harry's mouth to silence him. The look in Harry's chocolate eyes nearly  caused Tom to crumble, but he managed to keep himself together.

"You didn't come to see me Harry." Tom said coldly, giving him an icy stare. "The Captain, Neelix, Megan, for Christ sake Harry,  even Chakotay came to see me!" The tears had once again began to fall.

"Oh god Tom, I'm sorry." His face saddened even more when he attempted to caress Tom's face and Tom flinched away.

"Oh please Tom," Harry begged. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I'll do anything!"

"Anything?" Tom asked in a weary voice. Even this short conversation had depleted Tom's strength.

"Anything!" Harry repeated a twinge of hope entering into his voice.

"Leave." Tom replied coldly.

"What?" Harry shouted, shocked.

"I told you to leave. Leave me alone Harry. Stay away from me." Tom turned away, afraid if he faced Harry, he wouldbreak down."But Tom" Harry pleaded.

"I'm afraid you must leave now, Ensign. The Lt. is still very ill, and needs as much rest as possible."

Harry backed away slowly, before finally turning and running out of sickbay sobs resounding even after he left.

The Doctor looked at the Lt.s quivering body, and knew it was not the virus this time, and decided to leave him alone.

Pat Four

B'Elanna was once again in Harrys quarters, moments after she checked on  his location. She was curious, thinking that Tom and Harry would both want  to stay together. But no, Harry was in his own in his quarters.

Harry? BElanna spoke, wanting to break the unbearable silence. Why are  you here and not in sickbay with Tom? She ignored the obvious flinch Harry  gave when she said Toms name.Harry? BElanna repeated. More impatiently this time.

He didnt want me there. Harry spoke, in barely a whisper.

What was that? BElanna growled, quickly losing her small amount of  patience.

I said, HE DIDNT WANT ME THERE! Harry roared, but unable to keep the  heavy tears from falling again.

Oh Harry, BElanna pulled Harry in to a fierce hug, guilt of how impatient  she had been enveloped her.

Hes sick Harry. BElanna stated, trying to give him an explanation. He  doesnt know what hes saying or what he wants.

Funny, Harry muttered. He seemed perfectly clear when he told me not to touch him and to leave. He was struggling to keep his emotions in check, but the hurt, anger, and pain all covered with guilt was tearing him apart.

Why did he tell you to leave? BElanna tried to get Harrys mind to think  of something besides his feelings of self-loathing.

I didnt visit him. I didnt even enter sickbay in two days.

He was asleep most of those two days.

Yes but, Harry spoke, trying to defend Toms actions, although he had no  idea why.

The fact that I didnt go and see him, sit by his side, care for him, that  is what hurt him.

Harry, hes scared. Hes pushing you away dont you see that? Harrys furrowed brows, and look of struggled concentration showed her he didnt.

Hes worried Harry. Hes given up. Tom thinks hes going to die, so if he  gets you mad at him, and thinks that he has pushed you away, you wont be  upset if he dies.

No. Harry shook his head in denial. Hes right. Ive hurt him.

Harry listen to me, BElanna was shouting now. You have to be with him.  Dont listen when hes saying those things. Hes pushing you away. Hes  trying to save you from hurt. Staying with him, and being supportive in every way that you can may show him you havent given  up, and maybe he will start fighting again?

BElanna held her breath, as Harry seemed to think about it.

Youre right. He finally said. I need to be with him. I love him! Harry almost stumbled out the door, leaving a very pleased-with-herself  Klingon in his wake.

Tom, Not even looking at the surprised expression on Toms face as he  continued. You may want me to hate you, stay away from you, be angry at you, and listen to me I will do any of those things. But,

He began to work up all the anger and frustration he had being holding in  for all this time. Dont you EVER EXPECT ME TO STOP LOVING YOU, OR TO STOP CARING FOR YOU!

Slumping  into a chair next to Toms bed, Harry sobbed as he continued, Dammit, Tom! I love you!

Harry please, Tom begged. Its easier this way, itll hurt less. Please, Harry?

NO! Harry shouted no longer willing to allow Tom to push him away. Were in this together Tom. Until the end. Me and you, deal with it!

Tom turned away again, doing the only thing he could to keep Harry from seeing his emotions, but a  warm, gentle hand brought Toms face back in clear view of  Harry. Me and you? Harry repeated.

This time there was no insecurity in his voice, as he asked for Toms acceptance.

Alright. Tom mumbled, barely speaking. Tom?

I said yes! Were in it together. Happy now? Tom spoke bitterly, his last chance to push Harry away.

Good. Harry said with a smile, as if he hadnt heard Toms last comment.  He leaned over to give Tom a full and very intense kiss. Deepening the kiss, Tom felt an enormous weight lift off him.

The kiss seemed to fill a part of him that he never knew needed filling. Harrys lips seared his; a forceful, warm and wet tongue  pushed to gain entrance to his mouth, which he happily granted. Opening his  mouth, he welcomed the tongue, battling it with his own. But all too soon,  the warm, wonderful tongue retreated back. Toms tongue eagerly followed,  wanting the sweet battle to continue, but he felt himself being pushed away.

He groaned at the loss of contact, and attempted to regain the tender warmth.

Tom, no! Harry stepped back.  We cant. Youre weak.

Then Ill get better. Tom said, still drowsy from the intense kiss.

For someone wanting me to stay away, you have a strange way of showing it.  Harry was grinning as he took in Toms flushed complexion and swollen lips.

What are you grinning at? Tom asked, annoyed at not being able to reattach  to those lips.


Toms blue eyes flashed in anger, as he leaped out of the bio bed, and  pounced on Harry, pinning him to the floor. God Harry, I want you. I need  you!

Tom, please, Aroused as he was with Tom pinning him to the ground,  strongly enough so Harry could not break his grip, Harry was worried about  the strength Tom was using to do this. But that thought drifted into another direction of how much this must mean to Tom.

Please Harry?

Harry gave up and relaxed on the floor. Toms eyes filled with joy as he  moved to retake Harrys lips with his.

But before Toms victory over Harrys senses could be done long enough to  feel, a voice far in the distance called to them.

Whhhhhhat? Tom grumbled, talking with his mouth occupied with Harry.

I said please stop. You are weak Lt. Paris, this treatment has only just  began to take effect.

Tom was pulled firmly against Harry but his face pushed back slightly, as Harry looked deeply into Toms eyes.

Treatment? Harry asked, trying to keep the excitement out of his voice, incase he was in some kind of a dream.

Yes Mr. Kim. I found a way to not only stop the Alien virus, but to completely eliminate it. So not only will Mr Paris go back to his same  irritating self, but I will have my sickbay to myself tonight. The Doctor said, not even attempting tohold back the obvious joy in his  face.

Can he come now? Ill take care of him. Harry said, arm protectively  around Tom. Both men were still on the floor, but Harrys face was looking directly at the Doctor, waiting for him to  acknowledge then answer his question.

Yes Mr. Kim. Mr. Paris may be released from Sickbay, as long as he does not participate in any strenuous activity for at least another day. His system is still adjusting to the treatment.

Yes, of course. Harry said blushing.

Come on, Har, lets go.  Tom was standing, pulling Harry up with him.

Remember no strenuous activity. The Doctor made one last effort to tell them, knowing Lt. Paris  had no intention of waiting a day. If Tom decided to do anything strenuous, there was no doubt in the Doctors mind that he could convince Ensign Kim.

Come on Harry faster. Although he was beginning to feel his new found strength go again, he was not ready to sleep. Well, not without a certain black haired, brown eyed and very naked Ensign, by his side.

Tom were here. Slow down.

Harrys words did nothing to slow Tom down, as he was dragged into their quarters and pulled into their bedroom.

No strenuous activity. Harry repeated the Doctors words.

Harry, I just want to sleep. With-you. A very naked you. Stripping down faster than they ever knew they could, they jumped into bed  and snuggled into each other.

Harrys lips found Toms, as both men pulled closer to further the contact. They fell asleep in each others arms, lips against lips, their bodies entwined.

Now that they were together they could overcome anything, as long as they had each other.

The End