Title: He Faught Alone
Author: Adam
Warnings: Bad language....some bad imagery...pretty
bad stuff throughout.
Rating: STRONG R
Pairing: PK-If you can call it a pairing in this so
far :)
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount.

Sorry this is unchecked, but the last time i wrote
this exact story, and waited to find a checked my
computer got rebooted and i lost it! :)

So i'm sending it now. I still haven't re-installed
windows word so i'm using me head all alone on this
one....good luck adam! :)


He Faught Alone

"So, he killed a man in cold blood?" The young lawyer
asked, the worry lines deep in his face. Harry Kim had
just been given his first case. The biggest case some
lawyers may get in a lifetime. He was to defend a
killer. The risks...he'd lose and his clients life
would end.

"That's right!" A large man, with grey, thinning hair
responded. They were walking down a narrow corridoor,
thick concrete walls on either side. The lights above
adding to the entire sterile feel. It was a cold
place, a place where killers lived and slept. "This
evil bas..."

"Mr Weaver!" Harry rushed out, halting the mans words.
"I would prefer you keep your opinions to yourself. I
will remind you this is my client and i will do
whatever i can to save this man."

Seconds went by in which Harry thought he heard the
guard mumble something else before quieting.

"What was that?"

"I said," The guard stopped, turning to the young
lawyer who was not as gutless as he first thought.
"That you haven't got a chance. That guy is toast!"
The guard continued on once more, sniggering at his
own words.

Finally they arrived. The guard nodded to the small
box-like barred room before turning and retreating the
way he came.

"Mr...Paris?" Harry asked, quietly. Upon recieving no
answer he repeated his words. "Mr Paris?"

A blond head snapped up from the uncomfortable looking
bed. The eyes of this man were a bright blue, even
more so with the red veins covering what should
havebeing white. The eyes were cold, empty.

Seeing the man before him was still not saying
anything he continued once more. "I am Harry Kim, your
lawyer Mr Paris. I am here to..." The laughter stopped
Harry's well practiced words, a look of frustration
and annoyance crossing his face.

"My lawyer? Did you come straight from school? What
time will mommy be picking you up, cutie?" Tom Paris
said, coming up to the bars , his hands stretching out
and stroking Harry's smooth cheek. Harry jerked back
as if burned, moving out of the mans reach.

"My Paris, i assure you. I am fully qualified to fight
your case, i recieved..."

"Let me guess." Paris interrupted again. "Full honours
in every class you took? Well kid, you're nice for the
eyes, and that blush is just adorable, and i have this
urge to take that soft face, touch that skin and..."
Tom's voice had being progressively growing softer,
Harry unconsciously leaning in. "RIP IT OFF!" Tom
growled, lunging at the cage, though making no attempt
to reach out and touch him.

"I knew they wanted me dead..." Tom continued, still
laughing at his earlier antics. "But sending me
someone who's just stopped sleeping in the afternoons
is bad even for them."

"Aww, is the baby gonna cry? Does my lawyer want a
hug?" Tom teased in a baby voice.

Harry quickly hid the emotions he was feeling, but it
was too late.

"Oh Harry." Tom began, his voice now aroused, almost
desperate. Like a fool Harry leaned in again, his over
trusting nature all ready to scare him once more. "How
i'd love to kiss those sweet lips." Tom licked his own
lips, showing Harry what he'd like to do. "Kiss along
that soft neck, rip that shirt from your body and..."
Tom stopped for a moment, his growing hunger, and
almost desperate need to vent anger coming out.
"...and, oh Harry," Tom groaned, the look of arousal
so sincere Harry could not help but be carried along
with the erotic web, Tom was weaving. "What i would do
to you Harry...what i would give to you Harry. You'd
like to touch me wouldn't you Harry?" Tom asked, not
waiting for an answer, nor expecting one as he
stripped his dirty shirt from his body, showing a
pierced nipple and small tattoo. A Dragon.

Tom played with his nipple ring, tugging at it gently
before continuing. "I'd lay back Harry...wait for you,
beg for you to take me." His eyes never left Harry's
as he took off his trousers, showing he wore no
underwear beneath. Despite his arousing performance
Tom was totally soft. His cock hung low, directly

Ignoring the focus Harry was paying on his cock, Tom
continued. "I'd beg you to take me Harry. I know you'd
make me a happy boy."

The anger was coming back now, this time unable to
hold it in. Harry's face was against the bars, his
hands holding tightly onto either one, his fingers
white with the tight grip.

"On the other hand," He said moving towards the bars,
viciously scratching deeply into his chest from one
side to the other. "Maybe i'd just rip your clothes
off, turn you around and fuck you 'till you bleed.
Make you aroused at the disgusting things i'm doing to
you. Make up come as blood drips out of your ass.
Would you like that Harry?" Tom asked grabbing Harry's
head and keeping it in place as he forced his tongue
into the youngs mans mouth, and pulling back almost as

He laughed at the terrified and disgusted look on mans
face. "Yes, i was right!" Tom said, licking his lips.
"So sweet."

To Be Continued