Author: Adam.
Title: My Eternal Slumber (Formerly: My Eternal Rest)
*Note: The Author Changed the title following its initial release
Rating: PG-13
Pairing P/K
Series: 1/1
Warnings: None. Except it's sad!
Disclaimer: The names mentioned in this story, are Paramounts.
Summary: Too short, just read.

It pained the Doctor to see Harry like this.

He was the last.

The last, surviving member of the original senior staff.

The, once young man's vitality had diminished. Harry was slowly ebbing away.

He wouldn't let the Doctor give him anything to prolong his life unnaturally. He wanted to finally rest with his friends, his family.

Harry had outlived them all. The Captain, Chakotayeveryone. The medical equipment around him showed his heart rate steadily drop, bringing him closer and closer to death.

Harry lay peacefully. Harry's jet-black hair was now white with age, and his once, 'just right for cuddling' body, as Tom had once said, was now smaller, and weaker.

He looked serene to the Doctor and the descendants of the Voyager crew, as they watched the kind man slip away from them.

Harry had told the Doctor where he wanted to be buried, beside his lover, Tom who had left him a few years ago. Near to B'Elanna, Kathryn and Chakotay. Close by to Tuvok and Neelix who had asked years ago to be buried close to each other, after their friendship had grown stronger.

An almost inaudible whisper caught the Doctors attention and he moved next to Harry.

"Yes Harry?" The informal names, such as Mr Kim or Ensign now long gone.

"It's time." Harry felt as death approached. "Look after everyone Doctor."

As a final act, Harry smiled and spoke even quieter than before. "I'm coming Tom. I'm finally coming."

With that, Harry let his eyes close one final time, ending one journey, and beginning the next.

The End.