Title: Chocolate Evidence
Author: Adam
Rating: R-NC-17ish
Pairing: PK
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount.
Warnings: M/M relationship and some sexish <g>

"Tom, I didn't do it!" Harry argued with Tom for what
felt like the fiftieth time in the past half hour.

"Harry, all I want is the truth." Tom responded,
tightening the restraints that held the young ensign
in place.

"Tom! What more can I tell you? I didn't do it! Why
would i." The argument was interrupted by the comm.

"Lt Paris, the logs show no one has entered your
quarters in the past five hours besides yourself and
Ensign Kim."

"Thanks Tuvok." Tom acknowledged before turning off
the comm.

"That's the final proof Harry. Now tell me the truth
and you won't be punished."

Harry shivered at Toms words. Tom's face was stern but
his eye's playful. He gulped as he saw Tom place three
cubes of thick chocolate in his mouth and ripped away
Harry's briefs, which were only shreds after the past
half hour.

Tom hovered above Harry's thick cock only moments
before diving down, his chocolate filled mouth sucking
with all it's might on Harry's cock.

Harry moaned and groaned at the intense feeling of
heat, suction and melted chocolate surrounding his
cock. Struggling not to come straight away Harry
groaned out a few 'ooh's and ahh's' which he knew
encouraged Tom to go faster.

Only minutes later Harry had come and Tom was sat back
on his knees, grinning like the cat that ate the

"T-Tom." Harry panted, unable to get anything else

"Shush Harry." Tom urged. "I believe that you didn't
take my entire tray of Iconian chocolates, but, what I
want to know is...is...is..."

Tom teased, his head moving closer each time making
Harry's lips quiver with need.

"IS?" Harry screamed.

"Why do you have chocolate all over your face?"

The End