Title: Arguments Escalate
Author: Adam
E-Mail: adam_brittboy@yahoo.co.uk
Rating: NC-17
Series: 1/1
Pairing: PKArchive: Tom Paris Dorm, PKelite
Disclaimer: Tom and Harry belong to Paramount.
Warnings: Heavy sexual content between too men.
Summary: Something different...<grin>

Beta'd by Sweet-Nigel

So tell me again Tom? WHO is the better pilot?” Harry
questioned, his lips making their way away from Tom’s
lips and slowly down to the ‘Hot-Spot’ (as Tom
described) which elicted a pleasure-filled groan from
his lover.

“Ha-Harry…” Tom struggled to speak. “You k-know I
ca-n’t argue with y-you when you lick me THERE! Just
there Harry!”

Tom begged, his argument forgotten. “More, please
Har!” Tom’s pleasincreased.

Pulling away for a moment, Harry raised his eyebrows,
as if waiting for an answer. Growling, Tom rolled
Harry over so he was straddling his mate’s legs.

“I’m the best!” Tom roared, sticking his tongue out
which Harry aptly leaned up and pulled into his warm,
sweet mouth.

Tom’s eyes rolled back which was a sign to Harry he
once again had control, but he didn’t want to be on
top. Tom’s weight was resting on the one area he
needed it and he wasn’t going to getaway.

Finally pulling back flushed faced and a dazed
expression Tom spoke.

“You could have flipped.”

“Maybe I didn’t want to.” Harry replied, slowly
rubbing circles around Tom’s heavy bulge.

It took Tom a few moments to come from his glazed-over
mind, before what Harry had said, hit him.

“Oh, I see. My Harry wants his boyfriend to take
charge huh?” He grinned as he moved closer to Harry,
his lips brushing softly against Harry’s ear as he
continued. “Wants me to take him, in every way, and in
only a way I can do?” Tom asked, not really expecting
an answer, so surprised when he got one.

“Pretty confident, flyboy!” Harry’s retort was quick
and witty and something Tom was not expecting.

“What’s wrong, my…” Harry paused to squeeze the
continuing to grow what looked like, 9 inches and
thick cock. “Oh, yes. My beautifully hung pilot.”

That did it for Tom, no more talking. Leaning over Tom
claimed Harry’s lips in a passionate and

Pulling back only to strip away his clothes, and
Harry’s. Whilst Harry was completely naked and still
panting from the kiss Tom was about to take his black,
silk boxers off when Harry stopped him.

“Leave them on, Tom!” Harry begged, the teasing over
for the night.

Tom’s smirk could not be hidden, as he realised how
kinky Harry hadbecome.

“Anything for you, my love!” Tom put a hand on his
heart, still quite in the mood to tease.

“TOM! Now, please!” Harry moaned, pushing his cock up
to rub it against

Tom’s lightly haired stomach and chest, a few drops of
pre-cum sticking to the golden hair.

“Whoa, looks like I created a monster!” Tom

“Yes Harry?” Tom asked, his eyebrow raising.

“Shut up and take me!” Harry ordered!

“Now that’s an order I want to follow! Aye-Aye sir!”

Tom slowly moved down Harry’s body. Moving off Harry’s
8 inch and-thick cock, which got a moan of protest
from Harry.

“Shush, Har. I’ll get back to that!” Tom said before
continuing down Harry’s hairless, perfect chest.

Harry was practically incoherent as Tom sucked and
nibbled on first one, and then the other puckered

“Mmmmmmorrrrree. Harrrrrrrrder!.
Faaaaaaaassssteeeerrrrr!” Were the begging words
escaping Harry’s supple lips.

Tom had to laugh to himself when he bypassed Harry’s
most prominent area and begin to suck and chew on
Harry’s left thigh, and then moved over to mirror his
ministrations on the other side.

“Tom!” Harry screamed out.

The scream made Tom’s blue eye’s look up in fear that
he’d hurt Harry, and when he saw tears it seemed to
only confirm it.

“Oh Harry.” Tom was instantly spread across Harry’s
body. “What is, it?

What did I do, tell me! I’m sorry, oh Harry...”

“Tom, shut up! I need you to take me! Fuck me, make me
yours, now! The tears are of pleasure, not pain, so
stop those tears.” Harry’s warm hand gently wiped
away the tears that had fallen.

“AND GET BACK TO WORK!” Harry said with a grin, which
Tom matched.

“Aye Sir!” Tom once again mock saluted.

Diving back down, this time he didn’t want to tease.
Harry needed to be fufilled, and he was going to be
the one to do it.

*I’m so lucky* Tom thought to himself before he dived
on to Harry’s cock, taking the impressive, thick,
8-inch cock down his throat.

Harry bucked so hard he knocked Tom clean off the bed.

Harry frowned at the loss, and looked over to see a
laughing Tom laidout.

“I thought that would get a reaction!” Tom answered
Harry’s unaskedquestion.

“Back up here flyboy!” Harry grinned, loving these
playful times he had with his lover. All these
memories he had after only a few months into the

Tom jumped back onto the bed, his expression that of a
giddy school-boy.

“Now where was I?” Tom asked before once again taking
Harry completely down, this time putting as much
weight as he could to hold Harry down.

Harry once again bucked like crazy, but Tom managed to
hold Harry’s madly bucking body, down.

Tom decided Harry wasn’t going to last long, and so
let his lover set the pace. Tom merely added the
suction, flicking his tongue over and around the head
when Harry’s cock was pulled out slightly, only
causing Harry to pound it back in.

When Harry’s bucking slowed down Tom looked up into
the eyes of the manhe loved.

“In me, Tom! NOW!” Harry croaked out. His voice rough
from screaming.

“Anything for my Harry!” Tom replied.

Pulling a jar of lube from the bedside Tom applied a
large amount to Harry’s tight bud.

Gently pushing at it until it gave and allowed one of
Tom’s fingers inside. Tom began t otwist his finger
slightly as he pushed it in and out slowly. “Tommm,
mmoreee! Pleasssee. Looovveee yyyou!”

Adding a second finger then a third caused Harry to
howl in pleasure.

“YES TOM!” He screamed, managing to get those final
words out before everything became to much.“You ready

Harry could only nod in agreement, the ability to
speak, now gone.

He slapped Tom’s hand away when he was beginning to
lube himself up.

Tom sat back on his knees as he moved forward
slightly, giving Harry access to his most vulnerable

Harry gently carassed Tom’s large penis, pushing a
lubed finger beneath the foreskin and rubbed around
the head of Tom’s cock.

“Ah, Harry…I’ll come! Stop!” Harry did stop, but could
not hide the playful glint in his eyes.

“Oh, so you wanna play huh?!” Tom grinned, having no
intention of teasing Harry, not been able to last

Moving back into position, Tom pressed the head of his
engorged cock at

Harry’s entrance. Tom quickly thought of teasing, but
the decision was taken when Harry pushed himself down

Tom’s cock, taking in not only the head, but the
majority of Tom’s throbbing shaft.

“AHHHHHHH!” Tom screamed as the sensations took over
him. Harry let out a similar scream as he clenched
around Tom’s pole, loving the feel of being filled,
and taken by Tom.

Tom grabbed Harry’s legs, and pushed them onto his
shoulders. Gently pushing in the rest of his cock he
stopped when he felt Harry’s smooth skin against his
pubic hair.

“Slow, or…ugnnnnn!” Tom groaned. As once again Harry
pulled back and then forward, impaling himself on Tom
once more.

“I’ll take that as ahhhhhhhhhh!” Tom screamed again,
as Harry continued to fuck himself on Tom’s cock.

“You’re gonna h-have to l-let m-me do t-that,
Haaaaaaaaarrrrr!” Tom screamed as the pace picked up
and they both began to pound against one another.

“Oh yes, Harry! Yes! You’re so tight! So perfect!” Tom
shouted out as he continued to push in and out of
Harry’s oh-so-tight passage.“Gonna commme!”

“Let go Harry!” Tom answered. As soon as he saw

Harry’s face show he was seconds from coming he let
out a groan and came at the same time.

Harry clenching and pulling at Tom’s cock, as hot
juices streamed from his cock. Tom matched Harry groan
for groan as he filled Harry’s crushing hole with his

Seconds, Minutes, Hours later, Neither were sure but
they slowly separated from each other.

Sharing a loving kiss, they forgot about the mess,
snuggled into each other’s warm embrace.Then before
sleep claimd both men, Harry spoke. "Tom?"

"Yeah, Har?""You're the best pilot!"

Tom laughed and snuggled closer to Harry's perfect
body. Enjoying the embrace from his love, as Harry did
with Tom.

Both men then fell into an exhauseted slumber, with
smiles on theirfaces.

The End.