Title: All A Game?
Author: Adam
Pairing: PK
Series: 1/?
Archiving: PKelite, PKSP, and Tom Paris Dorm Disclaimer: Both Tom and Harry belong to Voyager, as well as any other member of the crew mentioned in this story.
Warnings: None so far!.

Beta‘d By Jeanette
Dedication: For Jeanette, for all her support, and kind words in my stories.

Hey everyone, this story is loosely based around a film. I hope you like it!

"None of them!" Tom screamed, annoyed. "Look at them. Not one of them has any challenge to them. I could have them like THAT!" Tom clicked his fingers in a demonstration.

B‘Elanna giggled at her boyfriend‘s words. They loved to tease and seduce innocents, but none seemed to interest her dear boyfriend, as of late. "Tommy, surely there must be someone." She spoke, her lack of interest in his words, obvious in her voice, causing Tom to raise his eyebrows at her apparent indifference.

She was looking through the colony database, narrowing the category bit by bit.

"Now, let me see..." She spoke softly, making Tom strain to hear.

"Between 20 and 22, male, dark hair, dark eyes...hmmm... Interests? What do you say Tommy, I think someone with more of an academic profile would be a bigger challenge than a big-built sports dummy." "What about...music?" Tom‘s eyes sparkled with mischief as a memory of how he had seduced his academy music teacher, but he clenched his fists in anger and frustration. She had been so easy to have. It was too easy! "I‘ve got it down to three guys, Tom." She said with a wide smile plastered on her face in achievement. "Any pictures? What are there names?" Tom asked, eager to see who his new, hopefully bigger challenge would be.

"First choice, Matt Peterson. He‘s just turned twenty, has green eyes, and black hair. His father is in the transport business, and he plays the..." She paused to look back at the screen. "The Flute?" She asked, rather than stating.

He didn‘t seem impressed and so she moved on to option too. " Okay, this one may be more of what you‘re looking for." She snickered loudly, knowing his preferences only too well.

"He‘s got short, black hair and brown eyes. He‘s got one quarter Betazoid in him, and besides the Clarinet, he plays volley ball." She took a moment looking over Tom‘s face, which was streaming with emotion. He looked like he was summing this guy up. Weighing the pros and cons. B‘Elanna knew that his physical descriptions were perfect for Tom. Dark hair, dark eyes, so different from himself - that was what Tom needed. "I‘ll take him!" Tom finally said, with a little too much force for B‘Elanna‘s taste. "Maybe you should see option three bef..."

"NO!" Tom interrupted her before she could finish. "I want this one!" He said with even more force than before.

"What‘s his name? Where does he live?" Tom begged, trying to look past B‘Elanna to the screen to see for himself.

"His name is Kim." B‘Elanna stated, matter-of-factly.

"Harry Kim."

"Well then, watch out Harry Kim, because Thomas Eugene Paris is moving in!"

B‘Elanna watched from the screen as Tom once again said his little, before battle commences - so to speak - speech.

"Oh this is gonna be fun..."

(Meanwhile, merely nine miles north of the seductive pair, was Harry Kim)

"So, 9:00am tomorrow?" asked a timid young girl, named Heather.

"Sure Heath. That‘ll be great, we can work on that last key again!" Harry smiled cheerfully. They both laughed at his joke, which by passers obviously wouldn‘t understand.

"Take care Heath, I‘ll call you tonight." "Thanks Harry. I‘ll be in around 7, is that okay?" She asked, concern flashed over her face.

Harry frowned at her facial expressions. She worried so easily. He had managed to tone it down over the few months he had known her, but still not much progress had been made. But Harry promised himself he would keep trying.

"Of course, Heather. Talk to you soon, bye!" Harry waved her goodbye after kissing her on the cheek. "Bye, Harry." Heather responded and turned away herself, walking the close distance home. She could go in the transporter like Harry, but it was a beautiful day and her house only a mile away. (Somewhere in Harry‘s hometown)

"Can‘t you even remember the address?" B‘Elanna asked Tom, angry.

"I wasn‘t really looking at the address, B‘Elanna." He retorted, his annoyance lay heavily upon his voice. "Oh, of course you weren‘t! You were too busy staring at your newest piece of ass!"

Tom couldn‘t believe she said those words as if she was disgusted, and maybe...a little jealous? "JUST ASK SOMEONE THEN!" B‘Elanna exploded. Tom saw a shy looking girl walking carelessly and at a slow a pace. She obviously lived around here and knew where she was going. He ran over to her, and was a little shocked when a look of fear crossed her gentle features.

Although Tom was a slut, it didn‘t mean he didn‘t care, and scaring people did not make him happy. "I‘m sorry, did I scare you?" Tom asked, quietly, not wanting to scare the girl further.

"N-no." Was all she said in response, clutching what looked like a Violin case to her chest? "Well, me and my...eh...sister over there," Tom pointed to where an angry looking Klingon woman stood "are new in town. She‘s my step sister." Tom quickly spoke up as he saw the girl looking at B‘Elanna obviously noticing the difference between the two as B‘Elanna was Klingon, and had dark hair and dark eyes where as Tom was blond hair, blue eyes.

"So can I help with anything?" the quiet girl spoke once more.

"Yes, that would be good. I am looking for someone, actually. A man, you may know him? I‘m a friend, but I can‘t remember his address."

"Does this friend have a name Tom?" She was smiling slightly now, beginning to settle with this stranger‘s presence.

"Yes!" Tom said, flashing her his ‚I-can-have-anyone-and-I-know-it-grin‘ "His name is Harry Kim." Tom noticed the girl seemed to flush at his grin.

No challenge Tom thought to himself, but continued grinning at the timid girl.

"Y-yes, I know him. I‘ve said goodbye to him only minutes ago." She said sweetly.

"And, he lives?" Tom prompted.

"Well, Harry‘s never mentioned you, but then again, he hasn‘t mentioned many friends, so if you go to the transporter, around the corner, his co-ordinates should still be logged in. He lives in ‚Apple Grove‘" "Thank you, kindly, M‘Lady." Tom bowed as true gentlemen should, and kissed Heather‘s pulled out hand, softly. "Y-you‘re welcome Tom."

With that, Tom turned away to see an annoyed and impatient B‘Elanna.

"Alright, alright!" Tom shouted to her. "I‘m coming now!"

They got to the transporters, found that Harry‘s co-ordinates were still in it.

(Harry‘s home)

"Mum, I‘m home!" Harry shouted through the house.

There was a note on the computer in the main room. Harry noticed it was from his mother and read it quickly.

"Harry, I‘ve gone to a friends for an ‚Ancient-Times, cook-book session. I‘ll be back at seven." Harry stopped reading a second to glance at the chronometer. "It had just gone past five. "Take care honey. No eating until I get back. I want to test some more ‚Real-Food‘ on you! Love Mum xxxxx" Harry sighed. She was making him eat twentieth century food, again!

He really had nothing to do with himself except wait to talk to Heather. He was about to try and take a short nap when the door chime rang.

Who could that be? Harry thought to himself. He knew of no one who was coming tonight, and it couldn‘t be Heather.

Opening the door, Harry struggled to keep his jaw locked in place and his mouth shut. Standing there was the most beautiful man he‘d ever seen in his life. A perfectly sculpted face, eyes like crystal-clear rivers, his hair was a tarnished gold, and was in a slight disarray, making him look even more adoring. Harry had to stop before he began the entire appraisal of this mans entire body, as he noticed this stranger was grinning at Harry‘s obvious interest in him. "Hey there, I‘m Tom, Tom Paris."

"Harry Kim." Harry managed to say, amazed partly at the fact he hadn‘t stuttered.