Contact: kelhapam@worldpath.net
Series: VOY
Rating: PG-13/R
Code: P/T
Part: 1/1 NEW
Date: June 2000
Disclaimer: Voyager owns all the characters, etc., I am just
using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.

Special thanks to P. Sutherland, Ronda S., and Annie M.


Title: Pushing the Envelope....a drabble

Summary: Does Tom have a death wish?

"I told you NOT to engage thrusters!" B'Elanna screamed, dark
eyes flashing with rage. "If I have to come up here again and
*remind* you, you'll regret it.... Do you understand?!"

Tom looked up at her with practiced innocence.  "Yes, ma'am."

Pivoting on one heel, B'Elanna marched to the turbolift not
noticing the smirks on senior officers' faces.

"Tom, why do you taunt her like that?" Chakotay asked, fighting
not to laugh.

"Haven't you ever noticed how fantastic she looks from behind
when she's mad?" Tom replied, a smile of anticipation of what lay
ahead that evening lit his face.

The End. *smirk*


Title: Ground Zero...a drabble

Summary: Tom wish starts to come true.

Damn, why didn't these spaceship doors let you slam them shut?
B'Elanna thought when she entered Tom's cabin. The closing hiss
sound the door made was just so unsatisfying when she was angry.
She then spotted Tom seated on his sofa, dressed only in his
blue-eye enhancing, chest hair peaking out of, cornflower-
colored robe.

"Let me guess," Tom spoke up.  "You're still mad?"

B'Elanna ripped her uniform top off and angrily threw it across
the room.

"Grrrrrrr.  Do you have any idea how much work you created for me


"You're asking for it, flyboy!" she threatened "

*Bigger smile.*

The End?
Who knows?


Title: Engaging Thrusters....a drabble

Summary: Tom gets his wish?

Seeing B'Elanna's fury, her eyes bright with anger, her muscles
taut with anticipation, excited him.  Some days it didn't get
better than this.

Approaching him, she noted his curled lip, his sparkling,
devilish eyes, and B'Elanna smiled.

"You planned this?"

A nod.


Tom opened his robe to reveal his single nacelle was charged and

She licked her lips.  "You did this because you want sex?!"

"No. Because, you make me want it."

"There's a difference?"

"If I just wanted sex, I could go to the holodeck.  But you've
spoiled me.  From now on, all I want is you."

The End?
Maybe? Maybe not.


Pre-Flight Check List...a drabble

"Are you trying to tell me that you like it when I'm angry?"
B'Elanna passionately purred.  She reached out and ran her
fingers through Tom's chest hair and down to the curly patch of
hair below his waist.

Tom reached up and pulled her down to his lap.

"I love it," he breathed. "It excites me."

"I can tell.  It'd be a shame to put all that excitement to
waste."  She gripped his throbbing joystick with her hand.

Tom sighed, pulled her turtleneck off, and buried his face
between her breasts.

:::Senior officers, report to the Ready Room.::::



The End?
Hmmmm, I'll have to think about it.


Maneuvers...a drabble

They're just trying to pull my chain, Tom thought.  Couldn't
hearing about another coffee-producing nebula have waited another
twenty minutes?  Or make that an hour, maybe two.

Tom, seated between B'Elanna and Chakotay, looked up at Janeway
and tried to appear interested, but it was difficult when he was
so sexually frustrated. He wanted his mate.

Then he felt it, B'Elanna had reached over and squeezed his left
buttock. He jumped in alarm.

"Do you have something to add, Mr. Paris, regarding the mission
to investigate the nebula?"

"Yes. I'd like to volunteer myself and B'Elanna for the away

The End?
Naw, not yet.


Best Laid Plans...a drabble

Two pairs of slacks, three tops, and four dermal regenerators.
You have to be prepared for away missions, Tom mused,
particularly away missions for two.  Shoving a few more items in
his bag, he exited his quarters.  Soon he was in the shuttlebay.

The pilot was about to open the door to the Flyer when B'Elanna
called out:  "Do you have a death wish, Tom Paris?!"

"Excuse me?"

Just then Tuvok emerged from the Delta Flyer.

"Please hurry, Lieutenants, we have a mission to complete."

"Who invited you along, Tuvok?"

"The Captain," B'Elanna spat.  "Weren't you listening earlier,


The End?
Would I be so cruel?


Title: Stalemate...a drabble

Rating: PG
Date: June 2000

Thanks to "Senior" for her help, and my husband for the title.

by PJ in NH
June 2000

Tom was alone on the Flyer, with just B'Elanna and Tuvok for
company.  It wasn't suppose to be this way, he'd made plans--a
little work and a lotta lovin'.  He even brought along favorite
love songs from the mid-20th century for ambience.  Instead, he
could hear the other members of the away mission who were seated
behind him.

B'Elanna growled, then Tuvok cleared his throat.  It was
interesting counterpoint to Presley's Greatest Hits.

So far, he and B'Elanna hadn't said anything since the mission

*Beep-Beep* On his screen was a message, it read: "You better
watch it!"
The End?
Watch and find out.


Rating: PG

Maneuvering Thrusters...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

B'Elanna's really upset now, Tom mused. Of course, her ire might
be to his advantage if they were alone.

"Mr. Paris, we are approaching the nebula."

"Decreasing speed."

"I'm detecting particles that are clinging to the surface of the
Flyer," B'Elanna snarled. "They need to be removed before we can
continue--by hand."

Hearing her snarl, Tom's joystick quivered, and the pilot looked
beseechingly at Tuvok.

"You want ME to remove the particles, Mr. Paris?"

"Well, I have to fly the ship."

"And I ... have to monitor the controls."

"Logical.  In my absence I am sure you will carry on."

The End?
That would be illogical.


Title: Ignition...a drabble

Tuvok left the Flyer, and the hatch sealed behind him.

B'Elanna glared at Paris, anger still vivid. "An away mission,
grand idea!"

Tom approached her.  Standing so close they all but touched, he
looked down at the engineer.  "It was a *good* idea, if it had
been just the *two* of us!"

"Weren't you listening to Janeway?"

"I was preoccupied controlling myself from flinging you onto the
conference table and making love to you!"

B'Elanna growled and bit the pilot on his cheek, just before
knocking him to the deck.

"Foreplay?" Tom asked with B'Elanna kneeling over him.

She smiled.

The End?
Hmmm, should I make you suffer?


Title: Stalled...a drabble

Seeing B'Elanna smile was fantastic, Tom thought.  Even though
her grin possessed an evil quality.

She lowered herself over him, and ground her pelvis against his
joystick.  "Is this what you want?"


Lowering her head she bit his collar and pulled, ripping the


"Quiet!" she hissed.  "You've wanted this a long time.  I can
*feel* it." B'Elanna ground her hips again.  She knew by the feel
that he was getting very uncomfortable.

Tom pressed up against her and kissed her on her neck.

"What about Tuvok?" he whispered.

"Do you require assistance, Mr. Paris?" the Vulcan called out.

The End?
Don't Tom wish.


Title: Reinitializing...a drabble

B'Elanna grabbed her gear and stormed out of the Flyer into the
inner corridors of Voyager.  Tom Paris followed close behind her.

"How'd I know, Tuvok set the Academy speed record in the space
walk?" he asked.


"Well at least he didn't chew you out for having a damaged


"B'Elanna, where're we going?" Tom asked, realizing that he'd
been following her without knowing her destination.

"My cabin," she snapped.

"I'm invited?"

B'Elanna threw her bag of gear into his already filled arms.
Grabbing his torn collar she propelled the happy pilot toward her
quarters at a trot.

The End?
Don't Tom wish.


Reconnaissance...a drabble

As soon as the pair had entered B'Elanna's cabin, Tom dropped the
bundles he'd been carrying.  Wild half-Klingon eyes scrutinized
her prey.  Hungry Human eyes flashed with desire.

"It's time!" Tom declared.

B'Elanna growled and launched herself into the pilot's willing
arms.  Wasting no time, he carried her to her bed and lay her
upon it.

She tore at his clothes, soon his chest was laid bare.  With a
firm grip, Tom deftly tore the engineer's top in two and buried
his face between her breasts.

"Is this what Naomi refers to as Hide-and-Seek?" Seven remarked
from across the room.

The End?
Not yet, I'm too evil.


Marching Orders...a drabble

Lifting his head from the warmth of B'Elanna's chest, Tom looked
at Seven.  He could feel his lover's rekindled rage.

"What are you doing here, Seven?" he snapped.

"I am following orders."

"Well follow this!" Torres roared.  As tempting as it was to
actually let B'Elanna attack Seven, Tom held her tight.

Seven sighed and instead addressed Paris.  "I have come to give
you a message from the Captain.  She wanted to ensure that you
both read its contents."

Tom opened the note given him, it read: "Holodeck One 2100

"We have ten minutes," Tom remarked.

"You should hurry."

The End?
Still too evil.


Change of Command...a drabble

Entering the holodeck, the Lieutenants spied Harry and Neelix
among the crowd that had gathered and joined them.

Harry then motioned for Seven to accompany them.  Instead she
moved toward The Doctor.

"Strange, Seven doesn't want to come over." Harry remarked.

"Not really, Harry...I'll tell you about...OWWWW!"

B'Elanna curbed Tom's tongue by kicking his shin.

Janeway spoke up from a dais.  "I'm sure you want to know why you
are here.  Chakotay and I have decided to take a *sabbatical*.
While we're *rejuvenating*, Tuvok will act as Captain and Lt.
Paris as First Officer."


"Tom, wake up!"

The End?
Will it ever end?


Title: Change of Plans...a drabble

"How can they take a vacation!?" Tom roared once they had entered
B'Elanna's cabin.

"It's a sabbatical," B'Elanna reminded him.

"Either way, it means I get to sit beside Mr. Fun-and-Games for a
month, or until we require Janeway's or Chakotay's assistance."

"It won't be that bad."

"It won't?   I'm Acting First Officer *AND* Nurse *AND* Chief
Pilot!  Plus, I have to report to Chakotay's office immediately!
Apparently they can't wait to *commune* with their spirit

"Is that what they're calling it?"


"Whatever happened to the phrase *relieving sexual tension*?

"That's something I'd like to experience," Tom replied.

The End?
Will it ever end, not yet.


Title: Doldrums...a drabble

"Why can't I fly Voyager and *still* be Acting First Officer?" a
bored Paris asked the Acting Captain.

"According to Starfleet protocol, it is customary for the First
Officer to sit to the left of his captain," Tuvok replied.

"Probably to make the Captain look good," Tom murmured.

"I heard that Mr. Paris.  Do I have to remind you that I possess
superb hearing?"

"Maybe I should conduct some experiments on the Vulcan auditory
system? I could go to Sickbay..."

"Your place, until 1500 hours, is on the Bridge, then you can
report to Sickbay."

"What if I die of boredom?"

The End?
Will it ever end, not yet.

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Pushing the Envelope Series, Drabbles 17-25
Contact: kelhapam@worldpath.net
Series: VOY
Rating: PG through R
Code: P/T
Date: June 2000

Disclaimer: Voyager owns all the characters, etc., I am just
using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.


Aborted Takeoff...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

In the last four days Tom had pulled shifts as pilot, nurse, and
First Officer, all without a fuss, just to earn 24 hours off.
Finally, he and B'Elanna could spend time *together.* He'd grab a
well-earned nap before his date with B'Elanna at 2100 hours.

"How much longer?" B'Elanna asked the Doctor.  She was glad in a
matching black negligee and robe.

The EMH bent over Paris.  "Well I don't normally make house
calls, but I'd say that he'll sleep until he wakes up...perhaps
another five to seven hours."

"By that time I'll be on duty again," she sighed.

The End?
Poor Tommy and B'Elanna.


Battle Zone...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

"DUCK!!!" someone yelled out.

Lt. Joe Carey deftly reached around Sue Nicoletti and pulled the
brunette down toward the deck.  He was just in time as a sonic
meter wrench flew across the room and impacted against the far
wall with a loud clang.

It was quiet for a while so Sue and Joe looked up to investigate
and quickly dove to the floor again, narrowly avoiding a can of

"Why is B'Elanna so upset?" Sue asked.  "Just what did Tom Paris
do now?"

"I think it is more what he *didn't* do."

Sue's mouth dropped open in amazement.

The End?
Would I end this in the middle of a battle?


Night Maneuvers...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

"You're going to get in big trouble, B'Elanna," Harry warned.

"Just hurry up, and get that hatch open.  Besides it's the night
shift, and Tuvok is in his cabin."

Harry put his shoulder to the task, and soon the hatch popped

B'Elanna crawled out into the ship's ready room, her arms laden
with candles and lingerie.

"Don't forget, give me twenty minutes and then tell Tom he has to
adjourn to the Ready Room."

"What'll I say?"

"I *don't* care!  Just make sure he shows up!"


Candles lit and dressed in a mint green see-through nightgown,
B'Elanna waited.

The End?
Hmmm, should I end it here?


Call to Arms...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

Tom paused at the Ready Room door.  Paris couldn't figure out why
he was needed there.  He turned back to look at Harry Kim who
nodded.  Keying the door open, he walked in.

Pausing in the open door, he could see several candles flicking
around the room.  Then off to his left, visible only to him, he
saw B'Elanna dressed in a diaphanous nightgown.  It made his
pulse quicken.  He licked his lips anticipating he and B'Elanna's
personal *conference*.

It was a good thing the Ready Room was soundproof.

B'Elanna smiled.

Tom grinned.

Red lights flashed.

"Aliens approaching!"



The End?
I feel evil.


Suicide Mission...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

The encounter with the aliens had been uneventful, but it
nevertheless provided enough interruption to curtail B'Elanna's
plans, Tom mused disappointedly.

Here, sitting beside Tuvok the next afternoon, memories of what
he had seen, felt, and how the evening should have ended played
in a continuous loop through his mind. If B'Elanna and he didn't
have some time together soon, he'd go insane!

The sudden movement of the Vulcan beside him returned Tom to the

Paris immediately noticed the wild look on Tuvok's face and his
trembling lips.

{Oh great!  Now I have to contend with Vulcan Pon Farr!}

The End?


Burdens of Command...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

"How's he doin', Doc?" Tom asked hopefully.

"I've just transferred Lt. Commander Tuvok to Holodeck Two where
the holocharacter of T'Pel should be able to satisfy his desires.
I will discretely monitor his condition."

"Good, I'll just go inform the Captain and Chakotay.  They

"You can't."


"This may be inconvenient, but the ship isn't in danger.  They
should be allowed to complete their...um...sabbatical unless
there's an emergency.  It is for the good of the ship that they
have this time away."


"No buts, *Captain*."


"Until Tuvok recovers, you're Voyager's new Acting Captain.


The End?

This is what you get when I have to kill time waiting to pick up
my husband from work....you get drabbled to death.


Rank Hath Its Privileges...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

Tom sank into the Captain's chair.  Harry took his place beside
him.  Other officers manned the bridge stations.

"How's it feel, Tom?" Harry asked.


Kim smirked.

"You only have a few days before the Captain and Commander

"The last week has been miserable," Tom groused.  "If Tuvok
hadn't injured himself during his Pon Farr, I wouldn't still be
Acting Captain."

"Speaking of sitting here, I'd like to request that you let me
return to ops."

"Can't stand it either, can you?"

"Not really, I just think someone else would fill the roll of
First Officer better."



The End?


Top Secret...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

Fingers drummed unhappily on the arm of the command chair.

"Boring, isn't it?"

B'Elanna growled softly.

"Being Captain isn't much better.  Only difference is that you
give a few more commands.  But at least we're together."

"How does Chakotay do it?" B'Elanna whispered.

Tom shrugged.  "No clue.  I usually have my back to them."

Harry, noticing the pair conversing, left his station and joined
them.  "What's up?"

"We're just wondering how Chakotay performs his duties day after
day without becoming bored to tears," Tom replied.

"You mean you don't know?"

Tom and B'Elanna shook their heads.

"He plays footsie with Janeway."

The End?
We'll see.


Recon...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

A familiar foot toyed with his own. The toe of that familiar foot
worked its way under the hem of his slacks and up his shin. Two
delightfully rich brown eyes challenged him to say something that
would alert the bridge crew as to what she was doing. The corners
of his lips turned upward and his chin dimpled trying to contain
his ticklish laugher.

"I dare you," B'Elanna purred.

Tom's blue eyes sparkled.  The Acting First Officer's toe probed

"Lt. Torres, I'd like to see you in the Ready Room to discuss
ship's business."

"About time," she whispered.

The End?

Email please.


War is Hell...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

When the door slid shut behind them, Tom grabbed B'Elanna
throwing her on the conference table.

"You want this?" he asked.

"Don't you?"

"I've wanted nothing else for the last three weeks!" Tom roared.
He flung his uniform top off and ripped off his turtleneck.  His
chest heaved with passion.  She snarled an invitation.

B'Elanna pulse quickened seeing her mate in all his glory.

Tom launched himself at his woman.  Passion flowed through their

"Tom, don't rock the table!"

The pair froze.  Tom looked under the table from where the sound

"Naomi, what are you doing in here?!"

The End?
I'm just too evil for words.


Shot Down...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

"How the hell did I know Naomi Wildman was playing house beneath
the table?!" Tom implored.  The pair now sat alone in the Ready

"You should've seen her enter!"

"*Someone* was keeping me preoccupied.  Why didn't *you* see

"It's a good thing she didn't see anything.  She wouldn't have
done this if the Captain was still on duty.  Naomi knows she has
you tied around her little finger."

"I'd rather have *you* tied around my finger," Tom growled.

"That could be arranged!"

Tom leaned towards B'Elanna, lips pursed.

"After Janeway and Chakotay come back," she spat and left the

The End?
Hmmmm, the end sounds good, but not that good right now.


Missing in Action...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

Watching the Chief of Engineering/Acting First Officer from the
upper deck in Engineering, Tom once again marveled at her
powerful stance, her quick reflexes, her sharp tongue, her...

Damn, why did he torture himself so?

Looking at his little spitfire command her crew made him hot.
Lately, with B'Elanna working opposite shifts from him, he seldom
saw her.  He missed her.  He missed them.  He didn't miss
counting the minutes until they would be together.  It was agony.

He sighed.

Hearing the sound, B'Elanna looked up, saw her mate, and smiled
slowly.  She knew he was suffering.  She was too.

The End?
A little different than the others, huh?  What did you think?


Strategy...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

One day, twenty minutes, and fifteen seconds.  Time for planning,
Tom mused.

Maybe an evening in the tropics, with sounds of whispering palm
trees and warm winds to caress their naked bodies?

Or perhaps, B'Elanna would like to participate in a sultry night
on Risa?  It was always a sure winner.

Then again, she'd always expressed an interest returning to the
caves of Sakari.  This time nothing would stop them from
quenching not only the fires of B'Elanna's blood fever, but his
as well.

So many choices, so little time.  With a smile Tom began work on
the holodeck program.

The End?
I think the end is coming.


Blast Off...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

Tom and B'Elanna stood at attention behind Tuvok.

It was time.  The seconds counted down as the three of them
waited outside Holodeck One.

Tom and B'Elanna looked at each other.  Each knew what the other
was thinking.

Then the door to the holodeck slid open, and a very refreshed
looking Janeway and Chakotay exited.  If they were surprised to
be greeted by the small contingent, they didn't let on.

The pair were welcomed back.  They acknowledged and dismissed the

Not having to be told twice, the lieutenants sprinted off towards
Holodeck Two.

"I will explain later," Tuvok replied.

The End?
I think the end is coming.


R&R...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

"I received your communique earlier," B'Elanna remarked outside
the holodeck.  "I can't wait to see what you have planned."

Tom grinned broadly.  "Computer, activate Paris program eight


The door to the holodeck opened. B'Elanna stood in awe for a
moment, before Tom pulled her in.

A warm, sun-dappled deserted tropical beach rimmed with palm
trees occupied the program.  Tom kicked off his shoes, B'Elanna
did the same.  With a wicked gleam in their eyes, they undressed
each other.

"It's wonderful," B'Elanna replied.

"You haven't seen anything yet."  Taking her by the hand Tom led
her into the water.

The End?
I think the end is coming.


Victory at Sea...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

Naked as the day they were born, the pair unashamedly waded into
the warm ocean water.  When the water got deep enough they began
to swim, B'Elanna following her mate.

Tom finally stopped swimming and turned toward B'Elanna.
Treading water, he examined his location.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"For what?"

"Your surprise."

"Here?"  She looked puzzled.

Reaching out to her he pulled her close to him.  Her naked body
pressed against his own.  "I thought you trusted me?"

"I do."

"Then take my hand, and follow me, B'Elanna.  Follow me and I
will show you pleasure beyond your belief."

The End?
I think the end is coming.


Probing the Depths...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

Pulling B'Elanna along after him, Tom plunged beneath the waves.
With powerful kicks, Tom dove deeper.  Schools of multi-colored
fish parted to make way for the pair.

The Lieutenants swam around piles of rocks and a coral reef
before Tom started to swim upwards.  Breaking the surface, they
gasped for breath.

B'Elanna faced her mate.  He kissed her twice deeply before he
pulled away and turned her around.

The half-Klingon's jaw dropped.  They had surfaced inside what
appeared to be a cave--a very familiar cave. Except this time it
was illuminated by dozens of candles.

"You remembered!"

"Of course."

The End?
I think the end is coming.

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Breaking the Surface...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

With ease, Tom pulled B'Elanna out of the water.  Naked and
dripping wet, they stood observing their surroundings.  She made
note of the many candles that cast a lovely, dappled glow along
the interior of the cavern.

"You made all this for me?" she asked.

"For us, B'Elanna.  I wanted our time together to be special,"
Tom guided her further into the cave.  She saw that he'd added
sprays of flowers in amongst the candles; their scent filled the

"It's wonderful."

"Watch your step," Tom cautioned.

Suddenly her foot sunk into something velvety soft.  "What's

"That's our bed."

The End?
I think the end is coming.


Command Performance...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

With a helping hand, Tom lowered her onto what would be their bed
for the evening.  A large expanse of the cavern floor had been
transformed into a huge, padded, velvet brown cushion.  The blue-
eyed pilot crawled onto the *bed* and into the waiting arms of
his woman.

Wet lips pressed together and their talented tongues tangled.
Their time apart had been too long.  They were like starving
animals in their zeal to express their passion.

Bites...  Licks... Growls...  And this was only the foreplay, a
promise of future fulfillment.


Hands stilled and they groaned.

::::Have fun, Janeway out.::::

The End?
I think the end is coming.


Yes, Ma'am...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

"You heard her, Lieutenant," B'Elanna purred.

"I didn't need, Janeway, to remind me to have fun," Tom replied.
He cupped her breasts and suckled on them to B'Elanna's delight.

B'Elanna purred an invitation.  It was first time they made love
in weeks and she wanted it bad, she wanted it rough, and she
wanted Tom Paris.  The second time, she'd opt for the tender
caresses, the whispers of love never ending, of being held and

Tom recognize the timbre of her throaty growl.  The Klingon side
of her was demanding.  It meant that she couldn't wait.  He
wouldn't disappoint.

The End?
I think the end is coming.


Combat...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

Snarls and growls echoed through the cavern as the lovers
launched themselves at each other.  The half-Half-Klingon sank
sharp teeth in Tom's flesh as her fingernails raked through the
skin on his back.

Human hands grabbed a handful of B'Elanna's hair and pulled her
head back to bare her neck.  It was his turn to bite, and Tom did
so with pleasure.

"I want you now," B'Elanna demanded.  "I need you inside me

Not needing to be prompted twice, Tom positioned himself over his
lover, B'Elanna's legs encircling him.  With a sudden thrust, the
two where once again one.

The End?
It could be, but it isn't.


Peace...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

Their initial passions sated, the happy pair spent the afterglow
in each other's arms.

"I've hated being apart from you," Tom whispered in her ear.

B'Elanna smiled and deposited several kisses along the bite mark
on the pilot's jaw.  "I think this is a three-regenerator night,"
she remarked.

Tom brought his lips down and tasted her body.  His lips suckled
her tawny breasts and his tongue tantalized tender areas of
B'Elanna's body.

"You're ready again?"


"My turn." B'Elanna pushed her mate onto his back, and lowered
herself onto his joystick; this time for a long, slow ride of

The End?
I think the end is coming.


At this time I would like to thank several people.  First, Senior
for her support and for coming up with most of the titles for the
drabbles; and of course my several different beta readers: Ronda;
Tracy S.; Marianne; and Annie M.  I'd also like to thank the
people that have taken the time to supply feedback already.  I
never thought that one little boring night in Sandrines, near the
beginning of the month, when I jotted down the first of the
drabbles, that I'd be penning #39.  These have been a lot of fun,
but now it is time to get back to my other story.  I hope you
enjoy this last one.  You'll see that I didn't write any NC-17
drabbles in this series.  It is my feeling that if someone under
age 17 had wanted to start to read these drabbles, they should be
able to read all the drabbles in the series.  I hope that this
doesn't disappoint many of the readers.  So here is #39:

Armistice...a drabble
by PJ in NH
June 2000

Tom and B'Elanna stood naked again on the beach, soaked from
their swim from the underwater cave.  Reluctantly, they dressed
on the shore.

"You'll save this one?" B'Elanna asked.

"Forever.  It'll be our personal paradise," Tom promised.

"But now it's back to work," she groused.

Tom nodded.  "Come on, if we hurry we can make breakfast."

B'Elanna grabbed his outstretched hand and they exited the
holodeck.  Blocking their entry to the corridor was a stand which
held a sigh, it read: "If the holodeck's a rockin', don't come a

"I'll kill him!"

"Save that for another drabble, B'Elanna."

The End?
You bet.

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