G E N E R A L   I N F O R M A T I O N

U.S.S. Voyager is an lntrepid-class vessel capable of holding two hundred crew members, the USS. Voyager is one of the fastest and most powerful starships in Starfleet. Although at 1130 feet long it is about half the size of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, the Voyager is more technologically advanced than previous Star Trek vessels. Superbly equipped for exploration and research, the Voyager has an equally impressive array of defensive and offensive weapons, making it ready for action.
Voyager is the second of only four lntrepid- class starships built by Starfleet to date, launched stardate 48038.5 (The year 2371).

Dedication plaque quote: 
"For l dipp'd into the future, far as human eye can see / Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be."
From Tennyson's Ulysses

Name: U.S.S. Voyager
Class:  Intrepid
Registry: Naval Construction Contract 74656 (NCC 74656), second of four as of SD 48315.6
Length: 1130 feet = 344.424 m
Width: 426.5 feet = 130 m
Height:  206.7 = 63 m
Weight:  1.5 million tons
Gross mass:  700,000 metric tons
Basic structure:  extremely durable tritanium-duranium alloy
Maximum sustainable velocity: Warp 9.975 
Decks:  15
Rooms:  257 
Commissioned Stardate:  48038.5
Shuttle Bays: 1.
Transporters: 2 personnel, 4 cargo.
Holodecks: 2.
Brigs: 2.
Turbolifts: 1 system, 3 cars.

Crew: 140 - 150.
Life Support: 200 people maximum. 
Phaser Banks: 11.
Torpedo Launchers: 4.
Other: tri-cobalt bombs, tolmerite explosives.


Bio/Neural Gel Pack Network
Crew Interface Sofware: LCARS 2.5.
Data Transfer Rate: 6200 koliquads/second.
Number of Dedicated Modules: 125.
Storage Capacity/Module: 50,500 kiloquads.


Intraship Transmissions: Voice & Data
Personal Communicator Range: 800km
Ship to Ground Range: 42,000 - 100,000km
Communications Speed: 18.5 kiloquads/second


Main Ship Type XII Phasers: 7.2mn
Personal Type II Phasers: 0.2mn
Torpedo Launchers: 2 Fore & 1 Aft
Maximum Torpedo Spread: 9


Warp Reactor: M/ARA Mark 1.5.
Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 6.
Max Cruising Speed: Warp 9.975.
Fuel (MRI):  Supercritical Cryogenic Deuterium.
Fuel (ARI):  Supercritical Cryogenic Anti-Hydrogen.
M/A Reaction Moderating Element: Fifth-phase Crystalline Dilithium.
Fuel Replinishment: Bussard Scoop.


Personnel Transporters: 2
Emergency: None
Cargo Transporters: 2


IPS Fuel: Slush Cryogenic Deuterium
Impulse Reactors/Number: 4
Drive Coil Assemplies: 2
Vectored Exhaust Direct (VED): 4


Standard Shuttles: 2
Warp Shuttles: 2
Shuttle Pods: 2
Aeroshuttle Captain's Yacht: 1