A  D E C K   B Y   D E C K   V I E W 
This shows the most important decks on Voyager.
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Deck One
Main Bridge
The command post and braintrust of Voyager, this area serves as the location to view other starships, to negotiate with leaders of rival races, and to learn about the unfamiliar area of the galaxy into which the starship has been thrust. The command area at the center of the bridge features seating and information displays for the captain and first officer. Captain Kathryn Janeway is in command of this communications hub. Major stations on the bridge include flight controller, Operations officer, security/ tactical, engineering, mission operations, and science.
The captain's ready room and the briefing room are located directly adjacent to the main bridge on Deck 1, the uppermost deck of Voyager's primary bull.
Captain's Ready Room
The captain's ready room is located just starboard and aft of the main bridge. Here, the captain can meet with officers and communicate privately with other people
outside the Voyager The ready room 5 also sometimes used for briefings when the briefing room is not available.
  The captain can relax here, also, away from the activity of the bridge, but she is nearby in case she is needed. There is also a replicator in the ready room.
  The ready room is located to the starboard side of the main bridge on Deck 1, and it's accessed through the doorway just forward of the tactical/security station.
Briefing Room
Inside the briefing room, the entire senior staff can gather to make important decisions and hold negotiations with other aliens or opposing forces.
The briefing room is located to the port side of the main bridge on Deck 1, and it's accessed through the doorway just forward of the operations station.

Deck Two

Mess Hall
The mess hall, located on Deck 2, provides a social atmosphere as well as a dining facility for the crew.
Captain's Private Dining Room
When Kes started producing vegetables in her air garden on board, Neelix commandeered Captain Janeway's private dining room adjacent to the mess hall, turning it into a kitchen. Appointing himself chief cook, Neelix prepares creative concoctions tor the Voyagercrew, which he serves here.

Deck Four

Transporter Room
The transporter converts matter into energy and reconverts it hack to matter at another location, allowing crew members to travel quickly from the ship to a planet's surface and back again. The transporter is most often used to beam people or objects to or from this room; direct beaming to another location (sickbay, for example) consumes nearly twice the power and is only used in emergencies.
There are two personnel transporters on Deck 4 of the Voyager's command section, plus two cargo transporters.
In addition, four small emergency evacuation transporters are available for one-way beaming oft the ship only.

Tom Paris quarters are on Deck 4 Section 3- C.

Deck Five

Sickbay is a fully equipped medical facility, complete with a surgical center, recovery units, and specialized treatment rooms. Sickbay is prepared for any challenge-including the loss of a doctor. Inside this medical chamber lives the emergency medical holographic doctor, capable of the same medical experiments and procedures as ,,living" doctors.

Deck Six

The Holographic Environment Simulator, familiarly known as the holodeck, can duplicate any environment in the computer's memory with startling reality. These simulations are remarkably useful for crew training, recreation, and exercise. Since the Voyager is lost in an unfamiliar part of the galaxy, many crew members seek refuge from this harsh twist of fate in the holodeck, creating memories of what was and fantasies of what's to come.
The crew has attempted to tap the holodeck's power supply to augment the Voyager's dwindling main energy sources. They have learned that the power used in the holodeck 5 incompatible with that required tor the ship's other Operations; therefore, the holodeck can be used tor training or recreation as needed without regard to the energy used.

Deck Nine

Shuttle Bay
The shuttle dock is on deck ten, here there are Voyager's shuttles. Two standard shuttles, four shuttle pods and four eva repair- systems, not to mention the delta flyer dock here. Twelve crewmembers fit into the shuttles. They reach warp three. Two crewmembers fit into shuttle pods. They are used for short- distance flights and do not have the ability to go to warp. The EVA- Suits allow repairs of the ships hull. Furthermore, Voyager's shuttlebay includes an AeroWing. This Ship is used for flights in planets atmospheres. Four crewmembers fit into it and as the shuttles it reaches warp three. 

- B'Elanna's quarters are on Deck 9 Section 12.

Deck Eleven

Main Engineering

Main engineering, on Deck 11, is the home of the Voyage~s warp drive System, more advanced and efficient than that of its predecessors The Voyager's folding wing- and- nacelle warp drive system allows the starship to exceed the warp 5 ·,speed limit," imposed in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ,,Force of Nature," without polluting the space continuum. The Voyager can reach a speed of warp 9.975, hut only for short periods.

Deck Twelve

Navigational Control
Deck 12, section B-7

Deck Fifteen

Hydroponic Garden
The hydroponic garden 5 in one of the unused cargo bays. Here, Kes grows vegetables and other foods that Neelix uses to cook with.