Medical Technology

The Dermal regenerator
Medical device used to seal small wounds or burns and restore the original skin structure. Dermal regenerators are standard equipment of Starfleet and other civilizations in the 24th century.
The hand-held dermal regenerator is supposed to support and accelerate the natural healing process of the skin tissue. Yet, there might be an improved regenerator installed in sickbay that is capable of more than just emitting "healing rays" and possibly equipped with a microreplicator, so larger injuries can also be treated without leaving scars. Obviously the Doctor refers to such a device when he tells Janeway that without a dermal regenerator there will be scars left on her face and arms in VOY: "The Year of Hell II", for it is quite improbable that all the small hand-held devices are out of order.

The Hypospray 
Medical device that allows subcutaneous or intravenous injections without syringe. The hypospray evoporates the medicament and ejects it under high pressure so as to penetrate the epidermis without damage.

Medical tricorder 
Tricorder model which is equipped with an additional scanner for closer examination of patients.

Cortical Stimulator 
Medical device that stimulates brain activity in case of severe injuries.

Cardio Stimulator
Medical device to support heart activity.

Laser (Scalpel)
Acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In a laser, the oscillator (a gaseous, fluid or solid matter) is embedded in a resonator, usually consisting of two mirrors. Continuous energy supply leads to an occupation inversion of energy levels within the oscillator, meaning that more electrons are in an excited (higher energy) state than in the normal state. A large amount of narrow-band light is produced, corresponding to electrons falling back to their normal states. A small part of the generated photons generates new excited electrons, while the major part is emitted through one of the mirrors which is semi-transparent. Laser weapons have been replaced by the more powerful phasers in the 23rd century, however, lasers are still in use as cutting and welding tools.

The Biobed

Hospital bed that includes medical sensors and display units for diagnosis and gas and fluid connect points for treatment of patients. The primary biobed, typically located in the center of a starship sickbay, is equipped with an additional overhead sensor cluster and a containment field generator and serves for surgical and other intensive-care procedures.

Medical Dictionary:

Isolated and recorded specific memory of a living organism. 

Genetic engineering 
Generic term for modification of DNA, illegal in the Federation.

Nanotechnical devices developed by the Federation to work in microscopic environments, for instance on a cellular level in a human body. In 2366, nanites were discovered to have developed a consciousness.

Neural implant 
Generic name for any kind of implant to a human(oid) brain.

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