The Computer System

The Bio-Neural Circuitry ...

...aboard the starship Voyager consists of "biogel packs." The network is faster than the Enterprise-D's Computer core. The Enterprise's core is encased in a subspace field to allow the optical circuitry to operate faster than light. The gel packs composing the bioneural computer network are located in a main core on the Voyager. They are not encased in a subspace field. A computer core similar to the one on the Enterprise would be too big to fit into Voyager, so they had to revolutionize the computer system to have a computer with equal capability. A "neural network" is a computer designed to function like the human brain.

"Bio-neural" circuitry is made of organic substances that function as a learning machine. The circuitry a synthesized neuron grouping modeled on a very large computer to act as a shipwide organic "brain." Neurons are efficient transmitters, but, like any organic being, they must be continuously fed with nutrient solutions or they will die.

The neurons may be fed with electrical power or other readily available energy. A low DC voltage that reverts food into a usable form could "feed" a gel pack. The gel pack would convert the energy in food during normal operation. A circulatory system could fuel the packs. Neuron activity is faster than cell metabolism for data processing, but the artificial neurons would need a cell metabolism to survive, including programmed DNA to control all activity.

Isolinear chips remain as resident backup. Nothing has to be physically replaced for the ICs to be brought on-line.

Because of its bio-neural network, the computer on the starsbip Voyager may develop consciousness and experience dreams. It is subject to disease and even potential emotional disorders.

Isolinear Chips
Nanotechnical devices that serve for data and software storage. Optical signal processing is employed in isolinear chips, and signal transfer is enabled when installed in a starship's computer core. Isolinear chips also serve as portable storage devices.