Delta Flyer: General Information
Tom Paris Brain child, the Delta Flyer was built in an attempt to retrieve a spatial probe. It features ultra-aerodynamic contours, retractable nacelles, parametallic hull plating, tetraburnium alloy hull, unimatrix shielding, and Borg-inspired weapons systems including photonic missiles. Paris incorporated control levers and meters modelled 20th century SF stories.

SPECIFICATIONS (basic configuration)
Dimensions Overall length: 21 meters
Overall length: 16.45 meters
Overall length: 17.14 meters
Overall Beam: 12.2 meters
Width: 10.28 metres
Overall Draft: 5.3 meters
Height: 16.2 metres
Displacement 180.6 metric tons
Crew Complement 1 person (pilot) at the Conn. Additional complement as mission requirements dictate - other console stations are Tactical, Engineering, Ops and a usually unmanned station
Velocity Cruising: Warp Factor 3
Maximum: Warp Factor 6
Acceleration Rest-Onset Critical Momentum: 13.8 sec
Onset Critical Momentum-Warp Engage: 1.3 sec
Warp 1-Warp 3: 4.79 sec
Warp 3-Warp 6: 3.56 sec
Duration Standard Mission: 10 days
Recommended Yard Overhaul: 2 months
Propulsion Systems Warp: (2) Tuned Circumferential Warp Drive Units
Impulse: (2) Compact Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units (model type unspecified by SS)
Primary Computer System Custom-designed Isolinear III Processor
Primary Navigation System Paris-1 Mod 1 Warp Celestial Guidance
Weapons 8 Type V Collimated Phaser Arrays
1 Mk 25 Direct-Fire Photon Microtorpedo Tube
Deflector Systems FSQ-2 Primary Force Field and Deflector Control System
Aft Section Hardpoint to which can be attached custom-designed mission modules, ranging from lab units to cargo pods.